5 apps to accompany your Ramadan fasting

woman at the park - ramadan fasting

For those of you who celebrate Ramadan fasting for the whole month, I have some recommendations of good applications for your Android or iPhone that you can try out to stay motivated during your fast.

1. HalalTrip



If you’re looking for great food, try Halaltrip to find recommendations for several halal restaurants for breaking the fast. You can find your nearest restaurant, or add your favorite places if they aren’t listed. The app is also useful when you need to search for the nearest mosque.

2. Muslim Pro – Ramadan 2015

Muslim Pro (Ramadan 2015)

Use Muslim Pro to find the direction of Qibla when you are in an unfamiliar place and also to get an accurate prayer schedule. This app provides readings from the Quran, translations and audio recitations wherever you are. Additionally, you can create Eid greeting cards to send to your friends and family.

3. AlarmMon

alarmy-150x150 Ramadan fasting

Are you a little too lazy to eat in the early morning before starting your fast? Try using AlarmMon, available in Android or IOS. You will be 100% awake using this app. It’s an alarm that comes with exciting games to force you to get off of your mattress.

4. Opera Mini

opera mini - ramadan fasting

If you’re stuck in traffic, especially before breaking your fast, stay up to date with the latest news, sport and entertainment using Opera Mini. With this browsing app, you can save mobile Internet data and surf up to nine times more than with other browsers. It’s available on all platforms, whether Android, iOSWindows PhoneBlackBerry and Java.

5. eBay


Need new clothes for the Eid celebration, plan to beautify your home and prepare some gifts for the poor? Find everything you need on eBay. eBay ships worldwide and offers a ton of sale item for you to choose from.

If you have interesting apps you usually access and use during Ramadan, share them in the comments below.


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