Millions already enjoy Opera for Windows 7 and Windows 8, as well as Opera Mini for Windows Phone, and we are looking forward to welcoming the latest baby in the Windows family.

We’ve taken a look at the publicly-released build. Here’s our Windows 10 preview.

Get the Windows 10 preview build

Microsoft has already released a  number of Windows 10 builds through its Insider Preview program. This Windows 10 preview allows users to test the new version of the operating system, slated to be released in phases starting this year.

Tablet and desktop modes

Windows 10 will be able to scale user experience in desktop or tablet mode. If you switch on tablet mode, opened windows will turn to fullscreen — as in from a tablet view.

Multiple desktops can also be opened. This is a feature familiar to Linux and Mac OS X users. For example, you can have one desktop opened for news search, another desktop opened for a music player. Instead of juggling windows, you can switch between different desktops.
Windows 10 preview: Desktop and table mode

The Start menu is back

Windows 10 is marked by the comeback of the Start menu, which is missing from Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Now, you can pin apps or widgets to the touch-friendly Start menu.
Windows 10 preview: The Start menu is back

Touch-optimized apps as regular windows

Previous Windows versions have featured touch-optimized apps. For Windows 10, these apps can now run as regular windows. Take a look at the sample below, where Maps can now run as a normal window alongside the Opera browser developer build:
Windows 10 preview: Touch-optimized apps as regular windows

Get the Opera developer build for Windows 10 preview

Of course, we are not going to miss a chance to be a part of this change. We’re currently working on bringing Opera for computers to Windows 10.

It will probably look quite similar to Opera for Windows 7 and 8, but we thought you might want to check it out for yourself. If you’re up for experimenting, head on to to get the Opera developer build.
Opera browser in Windows 10 preview

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  • Novus Estetik

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  • Good review 🙂 I use Windows 7 and I want to see Windows 10 on my computer. I hope it cooud be a great experience as I use Opera :p

    • VeraLB

      @brianrusso:disqus, thanks for the support. Opera for computers will also roll out for Windows 10. Let’s see from and it’s good to have folks like you giving feedback on product improvements 🙂

  • ซะชิกิ วะระชิ


  • Lacedaemon

    You ‘ve destroyed the… already destroyed browser (non-native, blinking, underperforming Speed Dial, sluggish Bookmarks written as extension, and many others that would take pages to write about…), the browser that you ‘ve already destroyed for Vista Aero users earlier by forcing XP look and not supporting MSE & H.264, once again this time for Windows 7 users by removing transparency and giving no option -of course- so that you can be the first ones to jump on that stupid Win10 flatness, you know, the one that is made so because tablets don’t have a GPU, and transparency effects and such would waste cpu cycles that would drain the battery… plus it fits so well for the new user base, the hipsters. Forcing it down to our throats. So Welcome Windows 95 interface everywhere and url saving instead of thumbnails because… tablets, with Opera for… Desktop. You like writing marketing sugarcoated-“I’m so excited” – “there is only a happy bubble in which we are living” stuff, I hope you can also handle the hard-truth, the “come back to reality”, cynical stuff.

    • James Douglas

      You have no idea what you’re babbling about do you. Opera rocks. If you don’t like it, go find another browser but stop whining in this blog. Oh… and consider getting some counseling for anger management. LOL

      • Lacedaemon

        whatever you say kid.

      • Duane Harrison

        I’m still using Opera 12, this new version is a disgrace and doesn’t deserve the Opera name to it.

        You are clearly the one who doesn’t know what they’re talking about, every other browser sucks and being stuck without updates for the REAL Opera is a kick in the guts knowing that it will not work one day.

        • James Douglas

          LOL.. using Opera 12? ROFL… that is so outdated and such a security risk. I wouldn’t touch that antiquated browser with a ten foot pole.

          • Duane Harrison

            Ha! It’s still more secure than any other browser I use!

            Also only an idiot is susceptible to malware.

          • James Douglas

            I wouldn’t touch Opera 12 with a 12 foot pole; might as well resurrect Netscape for crying out loud. It is no longer being developed. Why stick with old technology? As soon as Windows 10 downloads I’m switching over to Edge. Even though extensions are a couple of months away, it is by far the most secure browser you can use today.

  • So does it mean that you are going to add touch gestures (swipe) to opera?
    It would be great 🙂

  • James Douglas

    Great article. Thanks for producing a great browser. I look forward to the stable version coming out since I’m not very adventurous. Best regards.

  • CaseyAAvera


  • thanks a lot . being a proud member of microsoft family since Windows 95 .

    it’s great to be a windows insider . and thanks opera for looking forward for windows 10 .

    hope soon you bring windows 10 app for windows 10 mobile lumia also

    regards , <3

  • Singh

    Want opera as a universal app to use on windows phone and pc

    • Singh

      Want opera coast for windows pc and phone as a universal app.

  • Gert Bengtsson
  • Moral Max

    that is so outdated and such a security risk. I wouldn’t touch that antiquated browser with a ten foot pole.Casquette NY

  • Rasmus Knudsen

    I am on Windows 10, and like the Opera browser, but I have experienced on some pages that the scrollbar looks like something from windows 95.

    Have anyone experienced this, and did they find a solution to it.

    I am using Opera 32.0.1948.69

  • Chef011

    I am having a problem with Win 10 and Opera. Windows 10 messed up the font on opera and it looks like Metallica logo. I’ve searched everywhere and couldn’t find the solution. Do you guys at Opera have any idea how to fix this.