This week: YouTuber beats Super Mario World, blindfolded

Here’s a quick roundup of stories worth sharing. I promise you, you’ll get your dose of Friday fun at the end of this article.

5 tips for making great videos

Do you wish sometimes you could make fantastic videos like those you see on YouTube or Facebook, but don’t know where to start? We’ve all been there, so don’t worry –  with these 5 tips you can create a video that will engage people in no time. Even though this list of 5 tips was initially compiled with brands in mind, they work equally well with people.
News this week: 5 tips to make great videos

Opera for Windows 10

We’re working on Opera for Windows 10. Our team in Warsaw, Poland, is making the final tweaks to Opera for computers. After some hands-on experience, Mateusz, one of our Quality Assurance engineers, noted, “Windows 10 is quick and nice and quite useful.”
Windows 10 preview: Multiple desktops in desktop mode, tablet mode is also available

Guy beats Super Mario World, blindfolded!

Watch this guy as he goes into extreme beast mode, beating Super Mario World in 23 minutes, even while blindfolded. We have played our share of Super Mario, but this guy is out of this world.

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