Are you excited about the arrival of Windows 10? So are we. Our team in Warsaw, Poland, is hard at work these days making the final tweaks to Opera browser for Windows 10 in preparation for this new platform which will be released in phases, starting this year.

Here’s what it looks like at the moment:

Opera browser for windows 10

After some hands-on experience, Mateusz, one of Opera’s Quality Assurance engineers, noted, “Windows 10 is quick and nice and quite useful.” It combines the utility of Windows 7 with the beauty of Windows 8.1. Quite something to look forward to!

Test-drive Opera on Windows 10

The current stable version – Opera 30 – runs pretty well on the developer preview of Windows 10 already. We also have Opera browser for Windows 10 under development in our beta stream. Among the new Windows 10 features, we’re most excited about those that enhance the user experience for browsing, like the ability to switch between desktop and tablet modes and multiple desktops.

Coming soon: Opera 31

Following our release schedule, the stable version of Opera for computers is due to be rolled out in late July, which should coincide well with the anticipated release of Windows 10.

Still looking for a better browser for Windows? Go here to get Opera for free.

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  • I used this for a while but utimatle gave up because the scrollbars look like those from windows 93. I also installed the stable version to see if it was a bug, but nope, they are there in the stable version too.

    • By use this I meant used the developer version the one that was linked to in your review of Windows10

      • Vux777

        ther’s a flag

        • That doesn’t fix it, it just makes the scrollbar thinner.

          • Vux777

            here it changes it from default look to transparent gray scrollbar (wider on hover)

          • Are you on Windows 10, if so which build?

        • Aleksander Tkachenko

          Vux777, thank you, I enabled Overlay scrollbars & now they are much better

  • Lucian

    A lot of wasted space at the top, above the tab name…

    • That’s because it’s not full screen

      • Jasterrr

        But compare it to Chrome, tabs are completely on top, more space-efficient than this.

  • Universal app for Windows Mobile 10?

  • Artur Łukasz

    whats about high cpu usage in opera 30 ?

  • lobe_joni

    See here now Good with opera _____ ……………Keep Reading

  • Minko

    Will it be universal? Will my Lumia get this Opera love?

  • Konrad

    The bar at the bottom looks ugly. It’s not flat.

  • Martin Klauser

    Windows mobile browser ,too please! And please with landscape support.
    Screw android and iOS – Windows 10 is the future !

  • Dikili Gündemi
  • DianaAMiddleton

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  • Robert

    i have just installed win 10 and for some reason, Opera scrollbar looks like from Win05

  • Opera isn’t working on windows 10 ive tried everything
    and i only wanna use opera

    • Cheezwizz

      use a good browser instead maybe???

  • Everything i need is on opera and since this upgrade it wont work anymore

  • x01x012013

    ah… it is not working on win 10

  • DarkMagess

    So is Opera 31 the Win 10 version?

    • Cheezwizz

      No, so you’d better move on to actual good ones.

  • Bruce Wayne

    late july my ass. it’s august and this version is still not out yet.

  • Moral Max

    we’re most excited about those that enhance the user experience for browsing,
    Casquette Huf

  • Cryio

    Opera 30 on Windows 10. Functional, with broken menu settings and old-school scroll bar.
    Opera 31 on Windows 10. Functional with the great Opera menu settings, now looking properly, but still with the old-school scroll bar.

  • Jorge Soria

    Opera 31 freezes on windows 10, please fix this problem!!

  • catup


  • Nicky Toh

    Fix the borders please!

  • DeToNaToR

    Very annoying sound glitching for a few seconds every time when I’m watching any video on YouTube(and others players…). The system is Windows 10 and soundcard is Creative Audigy SE(if that would help?), Opera version is 31.0.1889.174.

  • Alan

    Opera is working almost 100% for me and I think its the best browser out there!! BUT, it doesn’t seem to support certain websites that require flash, so I have to revert to using Microsoft Edge – YUCK!. Any ideas of how to overcome this problem would be appreciated?