5 free iOS and Android apps for every student

5 free Android and iOS apps for every student

Now that we’re in the digital age, the traditional  “my dog ate my homework” card is harder for students to play. And, with so many digital tools and apps out there to help students streamline and organize their study process, forgetting an assignment or being late for a class is increasingly harder to excuse.

Whether you’re going back to school or in the middle of the semester, these 5 must-have iOS and Android apps will help lighten your load.


A modern library is in your phone, and it’s called Scribd. It gives you access to over one million books, audiobooks and comics, and you can read them anytime and from any device. Create your own library with different notes, texts and books, whether it’s for pleasure or for your next assignment.




Save your timetable and all tasks from homework to exams and sync it across all your Android devices. The app automatically mutes your phone during lessons and sends you reminders about your scheduled tasks and lessons.




Having trouble managing your money? With this personal finance app, you can set and stick to a budget and see your accounts and expenses in real time. It also alerts you when you have gone over your budget.




For snooze lovers who can’t seem to get up on time for their classes, even with an alarm clock, there is a solution. Alarmy, aka the most annoying alarm clock in the world, is designed to force you to get out of bed. How? It registers a photo of an area in your house, and the alarm only goes off after you get out of bed and take a photo of the registered area.


maxOpera Max

Do you love watching videos on your phone but always reach your mobile data allowance before the end of the month? Opera Max is data-management and data-savings app that can extend your data plan by up to 50% for free. This means more video and more fun across your Android apps without spending any extra money!


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