The internet is abuzz today. Mary Meeker, dubbed the Internet Whisperer, has released the 2015 Internet Trends Report. Simply put, it’s a must-read if you want a picture of where online tech is moving — from top internet companies to what millennials do on their smartphones.

The report allows us to focus in on some interesting points about this age group.
The 2015 Internet Trends Report: Rise of the millennials

What is a millennial?

It is generally agreed that a millennial is someone born between 1980-2000. Millennials don’t just belong to the internet generation, they’re also major players.

Being a millennial myself, it’s fun talking with others in the same demographic group. A big chunk of our fans, on Facebook for example, are millennials. So, thanks for always taking time to interact with us and for trusting our mobile apps!

“My smartphone never leaves my side.”

The report shows that millennials keep their smartphones with them, day and night, like a buddy of sorts. Interestingly, it also shows that millennials believe everything will be done on mobile devices in the next five years.

Take a look at the stats below. Do you see yourself in them?
The 2015 Internet Trends Report: Rise of the millennials - Smartphone behavior

“I use my smartphone camera at least once a day.”

Do you use your beloved smartphone camera daily to take photos or videos for social media sharing? Then, welcome to the club.

The 2015 Internet Trends Report shows that many millennials use their smartphone camera at least once a day.
The 2015 Internet Trends Report: Rise of the millennials - Smartphone camera

Did you view the complete report? What findings interested you the most? Whether or not you’re a millennial, feel free to share your thoughts below. 🙂

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