Browsing on public Wi-Fi? 4 places to smooth out Wi-Fi connections on your Android phone with Opera Max

We’ve all been there: in a coffee shop, standing in the line forever to purchase something symbolic so you can have the precious Wi-Fi password; or at the airport, going through a lengthy account registration just to have one hour of free public Wi-Fi before boarding.

Finally, you tap on Connect and the web is so slow. Like a snail…

If you find yourself in these scenarios, remember to turn on Wi-Fi savings in Opera Max for smoother browsing and better data management on the go. There are so many places Opera Max can help out when you’re browsing on public Wi-Fi, but here’s our top four:

1) The airport


Public wi-fi in airports with Opera Max

Here is where the most congestion can happen. Most of us have a ton of apps running even though we don’t quite need them at the moment. When they update and sync in the background, the network has more to deal with than it can handle. If about 201,000 passengers pass through London’s Heathrow Airport daily and everyone has their apps running, together they will slow down the connection. Flip on Opera Max’s Wi-Fi savings and get an edge on your airport competition.

2) Coffee Shops


Public wi-fi in coffee shops with Opera MaxNothing’s worse than getting booted, reconnecting, squinting to read the complicated password scrawled on some hipster chalkboard and still getting slow internet at the coffeehouse. Turn on Wi-Fi savings, so you have a smoother connection at Starbucks. Or, what’s better? If you own a coffee shop, inform everyone to download Opera Max for free, so the entire traffic on your network is slimmed down.

3) Public parks

Public wi-fi in parks with Opera Max

In big cities, more and more parks offer public Wi-Fi now. For example, if you’re in New York, check out this list of Wi-Fi parks. As summer fast approaches for us in the northern hemisphere, Wi-Fi savings can help you browse better in large crowds.

4) Restaurants

Public wi-fi in restaurants with Opera Max

Backpack a little in Southeast Asia and you’ll realize how much patrons go to restaurants not just for food but also a bit of coolness ansd quiet browsing time. Especially in remote spots where mobile data is slow, a good Wi-Fi connection in a restaurant can be quite a lifesaver. Now, with Wi-Fi savings in Opera Max, it will be even better!

Tell us where your experience with public Wi-Fi in the comments below!

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