Mother’s Day is here: 3 Ways to sync up with mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is here for many of us around the world. My favorite quote about mothers comes from Maya Angelou who wrote, “to describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow.”

Doing the simplest things with my mom, I can feel so much vibrancy, power, wisdom and beauty – all the good qualities that keep me going strong in life.

No other occasion is better than Mother’s Day to take a pause in our busy lives and spend time to sync up with mom. Here are three ideas from us:

Share your favorite recipes for a cook-together

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My mother and I love cooking together. It’s a way for us to bond. Our favorite activity is to add new ingredients to our family dishes. When we read that kale is the new health staple, we put it in our salads, raviolis and fried rice.

Have you found any new mouthwatering recipes online? Put them in a bookmark folder on your computer’s Opera browser, share it with mom in one click and ask her if she is up for a cook-together this Sunday.

Help mom de-stress by managing her mobile data

Opera Max College2All moms have a thing or two to teach us about self management. When I was six, my mother would give me $1 every week and ask me to record my spendings in a DIY accounting book (more or less made of doodles).

If your mom loves spending time online with her Android phone or tablet but hasn’t heard about mobile-data management, encourage her to download Opera Max (for free). Opera Max minimizes data usage by apps in the background, and will help moms get more out of their data packages. And that means less stress about phone bills.

Explore a new way to browse with mom

We spend quite a bit of time on our devices every day to do just a few things. If you have a busy mom who loves creative ideas and is an avid iPhone or iPad user, try Opera Coast with her.

Opera Coast stores your favorite websites in a colorful way, makes them easy to find, and, as a result, makes browsing more fun!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there from us at Opera 🙂


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