Opera team hosts a meetup with fans in Indonesia

Opera campus visit

It is always great fun for us at Opera to “break through” the screens and meet our users in real life! Some of our team members traveled all the way from Norway to the classrooms of Krisnadwipayana University in Jakarta, Indonesia, where they met with an energetic, friendly and youthful crowd.

Indonesia represents the second-largest country when it comes to Opera users, and our meetup with you gave us lots of ideas and inspiration.

Karin Greve-Isdahl, VP of Communications at Opera Software, is snapping a selfie with the students at Krisnadwipayana University. How many “O”s do you see?

Ivollex Hodiny, Growth Director for Asia at Opera Software, shared good news about the Opera browsers.

Here are more scenes from the meetup:

Thank you so much for participating! It’s always good to talk with Opera users and get your valuable feedback, so that we can give you a better internet experience.

Indonesia, we hope to meet again soon! Until then, keep in touch with us via our blogs and social media. 🙂

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