While browsing the web, we spend a lot of time pointing and clicking links, tabs and menus. However, most of these actions can be easily replaced with keyboard shortcuts to make navigation much quicker. As we mentioned in a previous post, according to Brainscape, keyboard shortcuts we can save us an average of 2 seconds every minute.

Useful keyboard shortcuts in Opera browser

The latest version of Opera for computers, released a couple of weeks ago, takes this functionality a step further: now, it’s possible to customize keyboard shortcuts. In the browser’s settings, you can configure any keyboard combination for frequent actions, for example, closing a tab or opening a new one, bookmarking a page or switching to Opera’s Speed Dial.

Here’s how you can customize keyboard shortcuts in Opera:

  1. Go to Settings from the main Opera menu (or click on Opera -> Preferences, if you’re on Mac).
  2. In Browser tab (which is the first screen you see) scroll down to Shortcuts category and click on Configure shortcuts.
  3. Hover the cursor over a particular action to see Type a shortcut field.

You can either add an new, alternative combination to the existing one or deactivate the old shortcut (just click on the “x”). In either case, you can safely reset keyboard shortcuts back to the default at any time. Don’t forget to click OK once you’re done with the changes.

Opera is an easy-to-customize browser helps you browse the web more productively, and keyboard shortcuts can serve as a great time-saving trick. What custom shortcuts have you already set up in Opera?

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  • Yiğit Doğru

    these are all about vivaldi. am i wrong?

    before jon created that mighty browser for us, old opera lovers i mean, you took no notice of our wishes. we just wanted some of those old features; but you said that “no, we can’t do these you want. it is not technically possible with webkit, sorry. ):”

    but then, we see that, actually they are all possible with webkit/blink; thanks to vivaldi browser.

    so now, it’s all pointless that what you do with “new” opera.

    what a shame.

    • Ruth_opera

      Hi Yigit, I’m sorry you feel that way. I can assure you (or try) that we always very much took notice of what people were saying.
      When Opera browser changed engines we built the browser from scratch with more of a focus on quality over quantity of features. This means we are implementing more features through time but start with the most needed and most popular to start with (being aware that the loudest voices do not always mean the most representative).

      It’s a positive thing that there are other browsers out there providing choice for us all 🙂 but we are influenced more by our over base then by the other browsers.

      I hope you find what you’re looking for in a browser wherever that is but do keep following Opera, maybe we will surprise you 😉 /Ruth

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