Don’t let the day get away from you before it starts. It seems like many of us manage our morning digital routine just fine, but there are a few ways to make it more efficient.

Here are 5 Opera extensions that put everything we look for in the morning onto the Speed Dial of the Opera browser for computers. These recommendations work best for us lazy bums who spend at least five minutes in bed with our devices after we wake up. But, I’m sure everyone will find at least one of them useful.

Weather Speed Dial


This little extension adds the weather forecast of your city onto your Speed Dial! Simply open your Opera browser’s start page first thing in the morning and you will see the current weather, as well forecast for the near future. Great! Now, we know if we need a rain coat or not.

Live News Feed


Read news from your favorite sites on Speed Dial. You can add your own RSS feed as the source of your news feed by right clicking on the extension and selecting Preferences. Love your Kindle? With this extension, you can push any news article that you don’t have time to read right now to Kindle.

Speed Dial for Gmail


Add a small Gmail feed to your Speed Dial. This extension will give you an overview of what’s coming up in the morning. On Speed Dial itself, the extension shows your unread email count and the first unread email’s title.

Social Fixer for Facebook


For some of us, it ain’t a good morning without Facebook. If that includes you, add Facebook to your Speed Dial with Social Fixer. Social Fixer acts like a customizable filter for your Facebook feed. Maybe you want to see where your friends are all headed for the holidays? Filter your news feed by keyword to see just that. You can also change the look of Social Fixer by adjusting the font, text size, playing with colors and choosing between themes.

Simple Clock


Now that you’ve spent a chunk of time in your bed (again), don’t forget this little extension that reminds you what time it is. You might also want to set up alarms with it, in case you need a reminder to end your digital morning routine and move on to the real one. Time to brush your teeth!

With over 1000 extensions to choose from Opera’s catalog, it’s really easy to customize the browser and tailor it to your habits. Do you have a favorite Opera extension to share? Leave a comment and let the rest of us know. 🙂

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