In case you don’t already know it, Opera for Android is a browser with many secrets. Last week, we showed you how it can sync your  bookmarks. But, there’s much more you can do with this browser.


We think these three tips will particularly be useful to those of you who search a lot, watch videos or are left-handed. Well, that’s pretty much covers most of us in one way or another, doesn’t it? 🙂

How to quit an app as a lefty

For those of us who navigate smartphones left handed, reaching the quit button can be a stretch.


Here’s a solution to that: long- press the back button, and a sub-window with the most recent browsing history and a quit button will pop up.

How to add another search engine

The app includes a  prefilled list of search engines, including Google, and IMDb. among others. They are conveniently stored in a tray to the right of the combined search and address bar. And, adding another search engine is only a few taps away.

Go to any website with a search function, such as a search engine site, a shopping site, an online encyclopedia or dictionary. Long-press the search field, and a pop-up menu appears that says Add search engine. Click it, and your new search engine will be added to the list to the right of the combined search and address bar.

If you would like to add the same search engines to your Opera for computers browser, read our how-to article here.

How to browse in fullscreen

The design of websites are so much more media rich today, and, sometimes, we feel like getting the navigational bars out of the way.


To turn on fullscreen browsing, simply tilt your smartphone to landscape position (remember to turn on Screen Rotation). A little expansion button will appear on the bottom-right side. Tap it to browse in fullscreen mode.

Have you discovered any hidden features in Opera for Android? Tell us below!

If you haven’t, don’t worry. Stay tuned for three more hidden features on Opera for Android, coming soon. Until then, happy browsing!


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  • I wish the disable images options were still included. I used that feature a lot.

    • Angela Wang

      Hmm I will bring up with the team 🙂 /Angela

  • wea3el

    Adding new search engine is straight forward but this doesn’t make it default. I couldn’t find a way to make some other search engine default than Google. This is killing me. I want to use duckduckgo but can’t find the way to make it default.
    Any solution please?
    At least make this possible in next version.

    • Javier Bastardo

      I can’t find a way to make it default either! Not only that, but DuckDuckGo should be added as a proper search engine into the app, just as Google and Yahoo are. We have in desktop, we want it on mobile!

    • Angela Wang

      Hey 🙂 Tried with DuckDuckGo and it worked for me. I usually have the browser run in the background instead of quitting it completely, so every time I use it, the default engine is DuckDuckGo. I will pass on ur suggestion tho 🙂

      • wea3el

        Yes but on opening new tab search engine still goes back to Google.
        If it’s default than it should be no mater if I close the browser, open new tab or restart my phone. 😉
        Thank you for passing the suggestion.
        Hope it will be fixed!
        Cheers 🙂

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    • Robert Andrew

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  • Great piece of work, thanks!

    • Angela Wang

      Of course! Happy browsing! /Angela

  • Ian McDougall

    Hi Angela This is very helpful. I would like to know if it is possible to have Opera operate as my default browser on my phone. This would mean that Opera opens when a link is selected in an email or SMS.
    I would be ecstatic if you could assist.

    • Angela Wang

      Hi Ian! Which version of Android do you use? I have Lollipop here and all I had to do was to open any link, then when the system asks me to choose a browser I click Opera, and then between once and always I chose always. Alternatively in Lollipop you can go to a section called “default applications” under Settings and choose Opera as default browser. /Angela

  • merve sert

    merve sert 😀