An in-depth profile of Opera’s CEO, the techie king of emerging economies

“The comfort zone of most CEOs doesn’t really extend beyond the boardroom, a plush corner office and an occasional onstage spiel for a new-product launch. Few dance in public. And fewer even dance Bollywood in a flash mob in New Delhi, India, with hundreds of camera-touting spectators looking on — especially if that CEO is a Danish 47-year-old who admittedly is a crap dancer.”

A recent article from online publication OZY takes a rare, deep dive into the life of our fearless leader, Lars Boilesen. Declaring him the “King of emerging economies,” journalist Nathan Siegel pens an intriguing look into the life and success of Opera’s CEO Boilesen, both in the office and out.

Lars OZY

It is extremely rare that we get to read about the other side of chief executives, making this one of the most interesting interviews of Opera’s CEO you will come across.

Read the complete interview here or on USA Today, where the article was also published.

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