3 better ways to experience YouTube videos in Opera for computers

Around 100 hours of YouTube video are uploaded every minute.

To watch all the YouTube videos uploaded just in one day, you would need 16 years!

Is there a way to check out all the new video content in bulk? Hardly. Is there a way to track the new videos matching your interests? Yes, easily! We also know a couple of ways to customize Opera for computers for even more fun on YouTube. Take a look at these YouTube-tailored Opera extensions.

Watch YouTube videos in Opera

Speed Dial for YouTube

Want a better way to stay up-to-date with new YouTube content that might be interesting for you? Check out this helpful extension that was already installed by 8.7 million users. It shows titles of the videos and their thumbnails as a slideshow right on your Speed Dial in Opera. In the settings, you can choose what type of videos to track: the most popular, featured or top favorite. 8.7 million Opera users have already added it to the browser.

Turn Off the Lights

Here’s what this extension can give you: a mini-cinema experience on a webpage. Try it today! Simply click on the lamp button to darken the page and only keep the video-player area highlighted. It sounds simple, but it does a good job at protecting your eyes. Additionally, you can adjust brightness, transparency and a few other parameters for a better viewing experience. You can use this extension on other video sites, too.

Magic Actions for YouTube

As its name hints, the Magic Actions for YouTube extension brings additional options you can use when watching YouTube videos. For example, you can automatically switch to HD quality, adjust the volume with the mouse wheel, or activate night mode.

What interesting YouTube videos have you seen lately? Share links in the comments!

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