For those of us who spend a long time in front of a web browser, adding a touch of personal style to it is a good idea. Opera for computers allows you to change the entire look of the browser to adjust it to suit your seasonal spirit. Here at Opera HQ, we’re giving our browser a winter makeover. For instance, how about this wallpaper?


Unlike others browsers that don’t inspire your creativity, Opera is different. We offer themes, the easiest, fastest way to customize the look and feel of your browser. With thousands of themes available, and more added each day, you can always find wallpaper matching your mood.

How to download themes

Downloading themes is easy. Simply go to and browse until you find the ones you like the most. Opera’s catalog includes nearly 6,000 themes. Here are 10 of our recommendations for those of you enjoying winter right now (for those of you lucky enough to be having summer, we have themes for that, too).

For nature lovers:

Norway trees

Blue Pond

Winter River

Ice Blue

For the minimalists:

Crystal Winterland

Winter Forest


For Christmas:

Opera Christmas

Christmas Ball

Merry Christmas

Check out the full gallery of themes at You can also use any image you find on the web as a theme. Simply click on the image, choose Use Image as Theme and enjoy the more personalized browser.

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