Do you love your classic Nokia phone? Like the Series 40, Series 60, Symbian, Asha and Nokia X devices? Do you often download great apps, games and other content? Then keep reading.

During the first half of 2015, the Nokia Store will be replaced by Opera Mobile Store. What this means is that you will have a new trusted source for tens of thousands of apps for your Nokia phone.

It’s pretty simple. In the beginning of 2015, when you visit Nokia Store, you will be redirected to Opera Mobile Store and given the opportunity to become a new customer. We know you will love it as much as we do.

Nokia store becomes Opera mobile store

Nokia Store becomes Opera Mobile Store

What if I am a developer of apps for Nokia Store?

If you have been developing all those great apps, games and content for these popular phones, there’s even more good news.

We will be working closely with Microsoft to provide clarity on how to republish your apps. We’ll have more information for you in the near future, so stay tuned.

Your apps are part of the reason people love their classic Nokia phones. We look forward to welcoming you and hosting your future innovations!

Nokia Store now becomes Opera Mobile Store

Looking forward to welcoming more app developers to Opera Mobile Store!

Why we are so excited

Opera Mobile Store supports more than 7,500 different devices, from feature phones to the most advanced smartphones.

Nearly 300,000 apps and games are currently live in the store. We see millions of downloads each day.

Opera Mobile Store is also a trusted platform used by more than 40,000 developers around the world.

When Nokia Store and Opera Mobile Store become one, Opera Mobile Store is poised to become the third largest app store in the world. One more reason to join us!

Welcome! We’d love to see you soon.

You can also read the announcement from Nokia on their blog.

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  • Hello,

    will you be able to sign Symbian apps, just allow self signed apps or also unsigned apps?


    • olgaa2014

      @fabianhllmantel:disqus Hi, yes, the signing tool will be also migrated, so apps should be kept signed and the signing process will remain similar to the current process.

      • Micke

        Any details available how that will work?

      • babylongreece

        Why you say signing signing tool is available when it is only for s40 apps.Symbians and s40 is totally different

        • olgaa2014

          Hi, here is an update on this: Symbian apps will not be re-signed. Only S40 apps will be re-signed.

          • babylongreece

            Thanks but I already got the info from nokia developers email.

          • serg71

            Does it mean that Opera store will not sign new s60 applications?

  • popy

    Oh the irony! Opera will take over the Nokia Store, mainly a Symbian app store, when Opera itself doesn’t care about Symbian users anymore! It’s been more that 2 years (let me repeat: two years) since Opera Mini and Mobile saw their last updates for Symbian S60, and i will not talk about the other apps available for other OS’s, but not for Symbian like Opera Coast or Opera Max.

    I’m sorry but i can only laugh on Nokia Store becoming Opera Mobile Store when you don’t give a damn about us Symbian users, stuck on Opera Mobile 12.00.2254 and Opera Mini 7.1.32444 for more than two years without any kind of statement saying that you abandoned the platform.

    Also Nokia Store has integration with Nokia Suite (the application that lets us manage photos, music, contacts, backup the phone). what will become of that?

    • olgaa2014

      @disqus_jXZJR2xCPJ:disqus Hi, if we have news about Nokia Suite users we’ll announce it. Thanks for the feedback.

      • Martin B.

        lol. honestly, you’d be better off staying silent than writing replies like that.. you’re taking over the app store for a whole platform and have no idea what will happen to its integration with the platform’s “central control center” – shows how well organized the whole move is..

        • olgaa2014

          Thanks for raising this issue again. I can now confirm that
          we are not going to support Nokia Suite, but try pinging Microsoft about support for this product, maybe they can add more details

    • Peter B.

      When I complained that Opera ditched Opera Mini for good, some Opera guy at FB replied me they did not. It was many months ago. I do not believe Opera team a single word since then 🙂

      • popy

        I asked on twitter if there were any updates of Opera Mini and Mobile coming. They responded, and i quote: “We’ll let you know as soon as we have news to share. Thanks for your patience.” The date of this? May 2013. The last updates for Mini and Mobile were made in 2012.

        We are now in the end of 2014, fast approaching 2015 and the company that will take care of a (mainly) Symbian store still fails to update their browsers for the OS they will deliver games and apps in the near future.

  • متخرج$وابيض م الصينى

    When transform being available ?

  • vatan tasimacilik

    biz vatan adana evden eve taşımacılık
    ve nazar Adana
    evden eve nakliyat
    olarak 1990 yılından bu yana kaliteli hizmet
    anlayışıyla mmüşterilerimizin memnuniyetini misyon edinmiş köklü bir şirketiz.
    bu anlayışla çıktığımız bu hizmet sektöründe en büyük vizyonumuz tüm evden eve
    taşımacılık işlerinde sektörümüzde öncü bir firma olabilmektir.


  • always liked this browser and use it always looks better to edit blog

  • developer

    “working closely with Microsoft to provide clarity on how to republish your apps.” – please find a way so that existing app ratings and reviews can also be migrated. It would be a pain to lose all of them and have to start from scratch…

    • olgaa2014

      Hi, comments and ratings are user-generated content and this type of content cannot be provided to third-parties without authorization from the users who created this content. This is the reason app ratings and reviews cannot be migrated…

  • Arun sharma

    Dear Nokia,

    We do understand that there is nothing in your hand any more. You have dumped your customer, your devices and even your Market. We are well known to this, Nokia manufacturing and marketing are now handled by Microsoft and they will never let Symbian version to run in market. They surely will strategy to convert Nokia Symbian user into, window phone user. This all are part of of it.

    If we are not with Symbian, we do have certain more standard options. We do not trust you Nokia any more and not your counterparts even. You have loosed our faith. Please let our phone die in peace instead of your foolish marketing pranks.

    Nokia is dead. Next is Window Phone..

    • Misho Valcho

      so true ;(
      but I have to admit, that with opera mini my old E71 is like reborn! Unfortunately there are almost no other modern apps still running. No Skype, no fring, only Whatsapp and facebook…

  • wicket64

    Why aren’t Maemo and MeeGo apps also being migrated to the Opera Mobile Store? Opera used to be a great supporter of these platforms having released Opera Mobile on both the Nokia N900 and Nokia N9. These devices still have a very active community over at but now you are leaving all of these users to rot. Why?

    • olgaa2014

      Unfortunately, Maemo and MeeGo are not being migrated to
      Opera Mobile Store. We don’t have information about these apps, Microsoft will have more details on this

  • German Isaac Melgarejo Hinojos

    because they have forgotten to MeeGo (Nokia N9) that is incompatible with .jad files

  • Narbfellow

    We miss Nokia suite for touch-typing of texts using computer keyboard
    BRING BACK NOKIA SUITE .We older touch typists need Nokia suite so that we can touch type our texts using our computer keyboards. Our strong fingers are too fat for fiddly mobiles. You wrongly disposed of a superbly useful software package, ie, Nokia suite. My partner cannot get Microsoft to give him a Microsoft membership and similarly with Vodafone because the website will not do this nor will his Lumia. So we have ditched the Windows phone and the Vodafone phone is even worse. Microsoft is useless for non-computer literate people who buy Lumias. Re-introduce NOKIA SUITE. We don’t want apps; we want use-able sync-able phones.

  • mimi

    Useless opera mini store. This is what you call great? No good apps, incomplete list of social networking sites, and even have an horrible games apps.

  • karla montejo

    when will opera mini store put instagram ?? i hope soon

  • David Morales Molina

    opera sucks please return nokia store please

  • Darwin Fesico

    hmm.. i like how microsoft moves forwad. but something lacks from my expectation. opera store is quite good for a universal format support for apps. i would like to suggest. this big step is essential, i hope apps that launched by microsoft at playtore would be also available on opera store (which is the ONLY appstore fore Nokia X phones), like office word, excel, lens, powerpoint, etc. cuz this apps are missing on opera store which i expect to have first on opera store because it is a company by microsoft..
    other apps are outdated. i hope you work for an update. what i mean, apps like facebook, and others are outdated at opera store but updated on playstore.
    don’t feel frustrated about this, i have the trust for you that you can make a big change about this matter.
    thank you i hope you’ll reply on my post for a confirmation.

  • Red Cricket

    Opera Mobile Store sucks!

  • Red Cricket