New Opera bookmarks to be showcased in Wroclaw Nonference

This week has been especially exciting for us, because we just launched the new bookmarks for Opera! And, to wrap up the week, we’re also joining this year’s first-ever Wroclaw Nonference co-organized by TechCrunch. Our Product Manager for Desktop Products, Zhenis Beisekov, will shed more light on the story behind the visual bookmarks in Opera for computers at the Wroclaw Nonference.

Opera innovation: Visual bookmarks
The Wroclaw Nonference will host inspiring speakers from around the world. It will kick off at 10:00 on Saturday, October 18, and will be divided into four streams: Inspire, Innovate, Implement and Fund. No surprise, Opera will headline the Innovate stream.

The innovation focus for Opera’s presentation will be visual bookmarks, released yesterday in Opera 25. Browsers have gone through significant changes over the last 15 years. But, the way people save their favorite web content has remained more or less the same. Zhenis will explain why we decided to make bookmarks visual, and how this follows people’s habits.

Drop by if you’re in town!
Opera Wroclaw office

Wroclaw, Poland, is a must-visit city, with Opera’s office right next to the beautiful market square. Almost 200 talented engineers work here on Opera for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, as well as the Opera TV Store, Opera Max and more. With top universities and a thriving IT industry, Wroclaw has become a natural host for technology events.

If you are nearby, join in the Wroclaw Nonference. Grab your ticket here.

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