Bookmark pages in Opera – My way to organize the web

I like our new Opera bookmarks. I like the way I can organize my sites. And, I’m not just writing this because I work for Opera.

First, I like that I can add images to bookmarks, because it allows me to organize them in a new way. It has reinvigorated my urge to collect things. I find myself organizing pages with the same passion I had as a kid. I used to collect old sports cards. They were all put into folders. I had a folder dedicated to each team – Tottenham was my favorite. I had another for guys with mullets

What matters to me, and the reason why I like our new bookmarks feature, is that I get to choose how I organize things.

Bookmark pages in Opera

It’s simple. I go to a page I like and click on the heart icon. Then, I can choose an image and put it in a folder. That’s it. Just like this:

Bookmark pages in Opera: choose a preview

Visual bookmarks in Opera 25

Organize pages in the bookmark manager

It’s easy for me to open the bookmark manager and see my favorite sites presented as images. I can rearrange them by dragging and dropping, placing the important ones first, if I want. It’s my choice. I can also delete a bookmark or turn one into a Speed Dial entry.

Opera bookmark manager

Opera bookmark manager

Edit bookmarks

I can add my own description to a bookmark, allowing me to personalize my bookmarks. I love that because I can search later to find them again. I never remember the original page title, but I know what I named it.

Edit Opera bookmarks

Edit Opera bookmarks

Keep it neat … or messy

The way we organize is unique. What I think is messy, might be neat to you – and, vice versa. Now, I can view bookmarks either as a list or as a gallery of images. And when I bookmark pages, I can organize them into folders – however I want. My bookmarks, my choice.

Bookmark pages in Opera: see bookmarks as a list

Opera bookmarks in list

I hope you enjoy the new Opera bookmarks. Download Opera today and give them a try!!

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