Do you have an Amazon Fire TV keeping your living room entertained? We’re happy to announce that there are new apps created with an Opera Software technology coming to the Amazon Fire TV, a set-top box from Amazon that brings online content to your Smart TV.

Opera has a unique technology called Opera TV Snap that makes it possible to transform online video channels into apps ready-to-run on your Smart TV. Now, you can enjoy your favorite videos on the best screen in the house.

Check out these 10 Opera-transformed apps from popular video channels on your Amazon Fire TV:
– Cops
– The North Face
– Young Hollywood
– FashionTV
– Green.TV
– GTChannel
– Arrival TV
– Mahogany
– Outside Television
– EpicTV

10 apps in a snap by Opera for Smart TVs

It’s easy to find these new video apps on your Smart TV. Look for them by name using voice or keyboard search with the Amazon Fire TV remote control. Or, from the Amazon Fire TV home screen, select Apps from the menu on the left; then, browse through your favorite content categories.


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