Sometimes, you want to make sure that a tab won’t be closed accidentally. This is where pinned tabs in Opera for computers can help. Simply right-click on a tab and select Pin Tab.

A pinned tab will stay permanently at the left of the tab bar. This can be very useful when you have a lot of tabs opened, and you need to make sure a particular tab stays open. You can, for example, pin the tab with your blog — while you’re writing your new post and simultaneously searching for information on other tabs.

Remember that you can also unpin a tab. Just right-click on the pinned tab and select Unpin Tab.

Pinning and unpinning tabs in Opera for Windows:

Take care of important tabs with Opera for computers.

Take care of important tabs with Opera for computers. Pinning and unpinning a tab in Opera for Windows is easy.

Pinning and unpinning tabs in Opera for Mac:

Take care of important tabs with Opera for computers.

Pin important tabs in Opera for Mac.

Try pinning some tabs today with Opera for computers!

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  • Sidney Moraes

    Pinned tabs should reload after a “reboot” of Opera.

    • zshello3

      But they already do, at least on stable 24.0.1558.61 on OS X.

      • Sidney Moraes

        On Windows, they are not saved, you know, You pin some tabs, close the browser and open it again. There is no pinned tab

        • OperaFan

          I just pinned a tab, closed Opera, reopened it and the pinned tab was there as expected. Windows running Opera 24.0.1558.64

          • Sidney Moraes

            That does not happen here. I don’t why.

  • Stve

    Pinned tabs disapear if you open a new window & close the old window with the pinned tab & then exit opera by closing the new window.

  • floief

    uh-oh…then something is wrong on my side….pinned tabs close with the browser here (Opera 25) I must be doing something wrong?: