Faster internet with Opera Turbo

This has probably happened to you: you’re on vacation, on a business trip or even just outside your own home, and your internet connection is slow. The flashback to 90’s dial-up overtakes you, and you find yourself at a loss. Well, you can speed up your browsing experience with Opera Turbo.

Get faster internet with Opera Turbo

All you need is Opera, our fast browser with its handy Opera Turbo feature. It will help you load pages more quickly and get more articles, photos, videos and keep up with the latest memes. It’s easy and available for both Mac and Windows. Simply click on Opera in the top-left corner and select Opera Turbo.

Faster internet with Opera Turbo

How to turn on Opera Turbo

What does Opera Turbo do?

“So, what does this do?” you ask yourself, as you pet your cat ever so gently. Well, my cat-loving friend, Opera Turbo saves data by compressing the pages you view.

Let’s give you an analogy of how we do this. Every character you see on the screen has a name. Say that the letter E is named “01000101”. E is one of the most common letters in the English language, so we change its name to “0101”, assigning it a shorter code. Now, displaying the letter E takes up half the data.

How does data compression help you get faster internet?

Data compression

We do our best to cut away unneeded data that a page tries to send you. Whether that’s in pictures, videos or text, we discard data that humans can’t see or hear and won’t miss.

Less data = faster loading times!

Thanks to Opera Turbo, there’s no more gradual loading of an image – line by line – or waiting for a spinning wheel. Get what you need, right away.

Get Opera for computers and start to experience faster internet.

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