There’s a quick and easy way to check if you’re browsing securely.

The green padlock
Look for the green padlock in the address bar, on the left from the website’s address. If it’s there, this means that your connection has been secured and you can be sure which website you’re visiting.
The green padlock means you're browsing securely

It’s important to make sure the websites you visit are safe when it comes to banking or shopping online, where you have to input personal details such as your bank-card number.

Opera’s fraud and malware protection
Opera’s fraud and malware protection also helps identify known malicious websites. You will be warned if a website tries to defraud you, steal your password, or install a virus.
Opera's malicious site warning also helps you browse securely

Security extension

If you want extra security measures, there are extensions for Opera for computers that check the sites you visit. WOT, for example, gives you a security overview of websites. A green light means you’re browsing securely, while red means many users have given the site bad reviews for security.
Add an Opera extension to make sure you're browsing securely

Try Opera for computers today and browse securely!
Download Opera for computers to make sure you're browsing securely

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  • Making you faster (9.6)

    I have been rating sites on WOT (most are the scam ones)

  • Ra-Mon

    Hum… Tested with Opera 25, clean install : 😀

  • souzak99

    Strange, looking at the address bar for this blog and there is no green lock. Only a gray and white globe.

    • That is for ones that are HTTPS and have valid certificates

  • Please make faster Opera. We are waiting for update.
    Expert Freelancer Inc

  • Govind Pratap Somvanshi

    we are waiting 2014 fastest opra ………

  • Jop

    I recommend against WOT! There are perfectly legimediate websites marked as extremely untrustworthy.