If you want to join discussions or even start a discussion about Opera products, head on over to forums.opera.com.

We know that sometimes going to a forum can seem like going into the wilderness; you’re surrounded by questions and answers in different languages. Don’t worry. Opera forums are easy to use.

Here’s why:

We’ve categorized the discussion threads by our products so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

But that’s not all. We’ve also made it possible for you to choose your own language. There are two language options:
1. Choose which language to use in the discussion thread.
2. Choose which language forums.opera.com will show.

We’ve also added a voting feature. You can now vote comments up or down. Use the thumbs-up or thumbs-down buttons on the right:

And, you can sort comments based on the votes.

Now for all you prima donnas out there, it’s easier to choose a new avatar, either by using your own or choosing one of the 15 predefined avatars.

Enjoy the new Opera forums experience!

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  • Sidney Moraes

    I am on a print 🙂

    • Rafael Luik

      We are. :3

  • monkeyfish

    Hello, I’m having trouble actually logging in to the forums. I can use the Disqus account here, but in the forums I get a perpetual ‘Commenting not allowed. Please verify your e-mail address’ error message (i have verified it, and even if I do it again I get the same message). But I can comment here with no issues… Have I been blocked from the opera forum? So far I have raised a bug-report, and emailed Disqus. Why? because there is no-one to contact for help with the forum. The forum help page directs you to the main Opera help page, which then directs you back to the forum for anything other than the actual Opera programs. So who am I meant to contact for help with the forum itself? That forum help page needs to actually offer some help.

    • monkeyfish

      Had a reply from Disqus, basically saying that I needed to contact the moderator of the opera forum to fix the issue. But I can’t because there is no link to one.

      • Vux777

        do you have Opera account?…or any other offered under (FB, Twitter, G+, VK)
        you can’t log in to forums with disqus….it is valid only here on blogs

        • monkeyfish

          OK, yes I was getting confused about that, and yes, I do have an opera account. So clicking on the ‘verify your e-mail address’ link takes me to a page titled ‘Your Opera Profile’. It is signed in, but I can’t see anywhere to send a verify email to myself. I used to be able to post, so I don’t know what changed, and my main complaint that there is no moderator to contact in the help page still stands.

          • monkeyfish

            https://auth.opera.com/ takes me to another page titled ‘What Next?’, that also has no link to send myself a verify email.

  • Abdul Wasay


  • Guest