Facebook joins Opera in initiative to bring Internet to the next billion users

Facebook, one of Opera’s global partners in the internet.org initiative, has joined us in working to bring the next billion internet users online. Since 2012, Opera Web Pass has been deployed in multiple countries on 3 continents to provide users with alternatives to the complex data bundle.

UntitledWith their recent purchase of Pryte, a Finnish company that aims to empower mobile users in developing countries through the use of internet apps, Facebook is helping to validate Opera’s concept of allowing users to buy simple, low-cost, time- and content-based data packages  – rather than the complex data bundles that are often unaffordable or incomprehensible to new mobile data users.

Opera Web pass users can simply purchase “1 day of data” or “1 hour of Facebook”, which also provide flexibility to operators to distribute data packages that make sense locally. Currently, Opera Web Pass is live in eight countries – with many more currently in deployment.

We are looking forward to continued innovation with Facebook and our other Internet.org partner companies to help bring the next billion users online.

Find out more about Opera’s Web Pass here.

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