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When we heard that Field Productions was making a documentary about freeskiing and snowboarding, we had to get in touch. What makes this documentary resonate with us at Opera is that it emphasizes one of the key features of our browser: we help you stay connected in all conditions. Our Off-Road mode in the Opera for Android browser compresses webpages, giving you faster and cheaper internet browsing – the ideal choice if you are on a slow connection or out travelling.

Field Productions, known for its outdoor films, shows just how daring it can be, with its ninth production Supervention, a documentary that follows some of the world’s most talented daredevils along their adventures from steep mountains to urban cities.

Below is a trailer of the documentary.  We’ll also be sharing some behind-the-scenes videos in the coming weeks. We suggest you choose full-screen mode and turn up your speakers before you watch it. It’s pretty cool.


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