In case you haven’t heard, Opera will be shipping on Nokia’s new X phones. Future Nokia X owners can also choose to set the preinstalled Opera browser as their default browser.

Some tech-journalists from Gadgets to Use were in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2014. They wanted to see how the Opera browser looks on Nokia’s Android-based smartphones: Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. In this video, you’ll see our features such as Off-Road mode, the Discover feature and Speed Dial:

Do you want to try this for yourself? Then, we have good news for you: the Opera for Android browser is available for download right now from Google Play.

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  • Philip

    This video is sadly misrepresenting some functionality. Opera for Android indeed does have a private browsing mode in the form of private tabs.

    Also, the reason she can’t set the user agent to desktop is because she is in off-road mode. This is a bit confusing but a thorough reviewer should really understand that.

    • veralb

      Hi Philip.
      The video has now been edited to have a better explanation of the features mentioned.
      Thanks for the thorough feedback 🙂

  • Dominik Schulze

    I need the Opera Browser for my Lumia 920. And this use Windows Phone 8. Thank you!

  • IMHO you should kill the Opera Mini engine ASAP (the one that’s still running in the stable Opera for Android/NokiaX Off-road mode). Keep only Mobile in smartphones.

    It does not give Opera a good reputation in terms of compatibility, “correct” display of websites and performance. It always cause problems…
    I don’t know about India but server-side JS and transcoding to OBML does not belong to this day and age.

    • NimeshT

      I prefer Opera Mini instead of Offrode mode on Stable Android Browser. At least the sites are displayed properly.

    • Ian Tompsett

      Opera Mini is amazing on a slow data connection, which many people still have – much faster than Opera Mobile in off-road mode. No, it doesn’t work with AJAX, or other dynamic web content, but on your phone, that’s what most apps are for anyway – I’m not going to be signing into Gmail in Opera very often, I’m most likely going to be reading the news, or something similar.

      • Yeah but for reading news articles? Even the fonts are bad.

        Native apps are what we have now, but if we are going to talk about the future the necessity of Opera being perceived as a good browser to run and interact with HTML5 web apps will be very important and Mini kills that reputation in people’s minds.

        If you were in Opera Mini you wouldn’t be able to post this comment in DISQUS, are you convinced yet? 😀

        Not to mention the fact that it’s at a dead end already. Opera stopped improving Presto after 12.1x so the engine used in Mini will only get worse in the real world usage from now on.

        • Ian Tompsett

          No that’s true, but given Disqus’s omnipresent, centralised nature I’m surprised there isn’t an android app for it!

          I have no problem reading on mini, as for the back end I’ve no idea if they’ll replace it with blink or not, I guess not as they’ve not updated mini much lately.

          The future is important, but for now the technological barrier is that most purple using mini are those with a terrible connection, so if opera doesn’t want to leave those people it has championed in the dirt, it will have to keep mini running for a while longer.

          Perhaps they could retain mini functionality as a ‘reader mode’ in their main browser – they won’t, but I’d use it.

          P.s. posting on disqus is not exactly a picnic on opera for android, this has taken me ages… If I am successful! I don’t normally bother commenting on anything away from the laptop… Now, a disqus app would change that.

          • My philosophy is that there shouldn’t be an Android app. E.g. there should be 1 web-based GMail that would serve as the 1 “app” for *every* platform that runs a standards compliant web browser (not only Android, or WP or a handful of platforms, but any that exists or will come to exist regardless of OS-level APIs).

            So… What you see as the solution I see as the problem Mini is helping to disseminate. 😛
            Also, how do you support the use of a native app that doesn’t compress any data as a solution for a poor experience in a data saving app (considering Opera Max isn’t/wasn’t available yet)? Isn’t easier to drop the data saver then?

            DISQUS works flawlessly in the Opera for Android version with the full-featured rendering engine. If you turned on Off-road though, there it is: you’ve seen the reason of my first comment here (Off-road currently uses the Mini compression on the Stable version).

            I think that Mini is too much sacrifice at this point if you want to browse the web properly. Every thing you tap refreshes the whole page, it’s unacceptable lol, it’s poor when people want native-app-like experiences more and more, and the web *can deliver it* but Mini is cutting it. Plus it makes Opera be perceived as, although cheap, a “bad experience” / “compatibility problems” brand when it doesn’t deserve it.

            Perhaps it’s time to let that poor experience go for good, leave it in the past where it belongs, in favor of lower level but bearable compression.

            If I sound cocky I’m sorry, it’s not my intention ok? It’s good to have a healthy discussion with you.

  • faisslam

    The video has now been edited to have a better explanation of the features mentioned.

    Thanks for the thorough feedback 🙂

    but I think I prefer operamini

    • @veralb:disqus why there doesn’t seem to have spam control in these blogs?

  • adrian

    i have Opera Mini on my nokia and i love it. it is so fast and handly ^.^

  • This is my first time to see the style of mobile Opera, I will setup one in my Redmi Phone.