Follow the Sochi 2014 Winter Sports online

The 2014 Winter Sports in Sochi is well into its fourth day now. If you’re like most of us here at Opera — winter sports fanatics but does not have the luxury of following the updates at home, then have a game plan ready. Here’s some tips on how you can follow the Sochi 2014 Winter Sports from your browser.

Social media

If you want instant Sochi updates, then we suggest you follow this year’s Winter Sports on social media. They post updates for everything you need to know on Twitter, Facebook and G+.

We especially recommend you to check out the official Flickr account where the Sochi experience is captured through photos.

Also, NBC Sports provides an excellent program guide. You can also just Google “sochi 2014” or just plain “sochi” and the schedules appear as the first search result.

Watch the live stream

If you want to watch the events live from your browser, visit the official Sochi TV guide. Please note that you will most likely need a cable television subscription to watch the live stream. Alternatively, you can subscribe to Sochi’s official Youtube account to catch all of the highlights.

Some interesting stories

Did you notice which group went to the opening in shorts and flip-flops? Also, did you know that while Canada, Russia and the U.S. have more than 100 athletes, there are five countries sending only one athlete? And how about that inspiring story of the Jamaican bobsled team getting support from online funding?

What other Sochi stories would you like to share?

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