Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 15.59.25Today, we are happy to introduce the new Opera forums. The forums is now running on a different platform and have a brand-new interface that we think looks great. We’ve also made a few changes to the forum structure to make navigation easier. The main focus of the new design is to provide a clear, open and simple layout to make the content more readable.

Your My Opera account has become your Opera account, which you can use for the new forums. Simply sign in and get started! If you don’t have an account, you can create one here. Your user avatar can be changed via GravatarAlso, we’ve imported the last six months of threads from our old forums, so you can continue your discussion right where you left off.

We’ve started a category where you can tell us what you think about the new forum and leave suggestions for us.

See you in the new Opera forums!

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  • Jorton


  • Sidney Moraes

    I can’t access the site, I receive a error page.

  • Thanks but no Turkish local forums…
    P.S: Vanilla is good choice.

  • Sidney Moraes

    I can’t access the site, I receive error.

    • MagnusPeter

      Should be fixed now! 🙂

      • Sidney Moraes

        Thank you!


    wait for nokia x

  • At a first glance, this looks good to me. although I do see it only being a short while before the “suggestions box” becomes inundated with posts.

  • Leonardo Gomes

    I’m getting a “This webpage is not available” page almost everytime i go to the forums page.

    Sometimes i can see the forums index but after a while, the error page shows up. The same when i log in.

    • MagnusPeter

      We’re working on it right now. Should be fixed soon! 🙂

      • Chas4


        Is there an RSS Feed for the blog? Trying to stay on top of it like the olden MyOpera days

      • Leonardo Gomes


      • woj_tek

        argh! a reply here so you will get notification…

        my account was transferred to new forums, I wasn’t much happy with it and I removed my account but this doesn’t work! I cannot login back by my profile seems intact – what the fuck? you can search for all my discussions, see my avatar (from gravatar) and to top it – today I got an e-mail notification to one of the thread I supposedly am subscribed to! for fucks sake – if someone wants to delete account do that person a favour and delete it permanetly with all the data!

        not to mention there is absolutely no way of contacting you…

        • MagnusPeter

          Hi woj_tek. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please send me your username so I can permanently delete your account (+ all posts). You can send it over to

          • woj_tek

            OK, issue got resolved now – profile page says ‘account deleted’, posts are gone – good!.

            However – this should be quick/automatic without the need to push case and wait for someone manually remove data… 🙁

          • MagnusPeter

            Thanks for the feedback 🙂 we’ll take a look at it.

  • Babanga

    When will be version 12.17 released?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Probably never, unless needed.

  • I still can’t use it.

    With my ISP DNS:
    With alternative DNS:
    In either, if I login, same error as @sidneymoraes:disqus: (= https broken).

  • Like others, its not letting me sign in because of an SSL error.

    IE gives me a gateway timeout.

  • It isn’t working for me neither…

  • Chas4

    Time to update the page?

    I got a “Opera’s connection attempt to was rejected. The website may be down, or your network may not be properly configured.” right after log in

  • MD Shakil

    kamon holo

  • cecilia

    I’ve tried to get into the new forums and like everyone else I get errors. I even tried using FireFox. same deal.

    And I’m using Ubuntu

    if you don’t get this fixed before tomorrow we are screwed.

  • Just downloaded mini opera for our BB and works really faster.
    The forum is user friendly, checked it out.

  • See you in the forums, guys. 🙂

  • tteksystems

    I am very sorry I am going to post this rather long note. About the NEW versions of OPERA, I want to let everyone know my frustrations and I apologize to Opera for expressing my sincere opinions and I hope nobody here minds I do so. OK……

    You will find some very serious road blocks trying to migrate to Opera’s new platform. Sensible people who are understanding can be patient and also open to change. But when the changes take away features that are crucial to the productivity of end users, you have to re-think your strategy regarding the New Opera

    I have been using Opera for several years and I did not know anything about the new platform until 8 months after everyone was already testing Opera Stable version 15. I began to read alot of the discussions about the migration process. According to the experiences of others, Opera Team has pretty much been dragging their feet on important issues, ESPECIALLY the Bookmarks.

    How can you end efforts to improve a very refined version of a web browser (ex. Opera 12.16 64bit) and change platforms, with the end result being a stripped down version of a vision that has crippled functionality. Yea, it’s a pretty bold thing for me to say but you broadcast this new platform and throw a very dysfunctional version of a browser that is not even close to an upgrade yet. Of course i have faith that Opera can be a good browser on the new chromium based platform but I see no progress that is evident, even after releasing upgrades to 3 new versions over the past 10 months since abandoning Opera 12.16 64bit

    I am no expert, but I have used programming engines for HTML, C++ Visual Basic, and a few others, and I think the source needed to provide a bookmarks importer is something you can download off the web and cut and paste into your code. Even if you want to re-invent the wheel, you should have at least provided a BETTER temporary solution. Signing in to the Portal and using sync is NOT a convenience. It’s a NIGHTMARE!. I know alot of people who have hundreds of bookmarks and using the portal is only one step above typing all addresses in manually. A bunch of rubbish. I would be embarrassed to offer that as a solution.

    Opera Stable- This is the current version that is SUPPOSED to be stable. As of 3-10-2014, Stable is on version 20 and STILL no solution that is worthy enough as a utility to import/export bookmarks. The sync option is just a cop out. There is obviously a problem here. Nobody understands how this could be so difficult. And I think it’s arrogant to go this long without a good solution

    Opera Next- This version is so we can Follow progress and test the latest features and yet some of the features in the stable version are not even part of Next. The entire purpose should be redefined because it should be everything that is in the Stable version PLUS the new features that are being worked on. More rubbish

    Opera Developer- Developer gives you a sneak peek of upcoming features and experiments that might make their way into future products. Another crock a doo doo!. Why are some of the features from the STABLE version non existent in Developer? And isn’t NEXT pretty much the same thing as DEVELOPER? You are showing new features that might be integrated in upcoming releases in NEXT. An now, you are doing the SAME THING IN DEVELOPER. A little redundant, don’t you think?

    A creative thinker might think people at Opera have a side bet going on. The STABLE version is the base platform given to 2 different teams. Team 1(NEXT) & Team 2(DEVELOPER). Both Teams modify the source and implement changes to further develop the current STABLE version. The modifications made are compared by a panel of judges, or, a 3rd team. Team 3 will decide which team has a better package. But neither Team can provide a bookmark utility or implement sought after features to deserve a round of applause from spectators.

    My opinion is that NEXT & DEVELOPER are versions that should be for those on the OPERA Development Team, and not the end user. You should have at least made sure the important things were not left out when Opera STABLE was released. Many people were left with a bad impression. It’s like everyone caught a glimpse of Opera with their pants down. We did not like what we saw. Had you made sure Opera followed the basic dress code, we would see you had potential. Many people think Opera has screwed up Big time with this new platform. I tend to agree

    NEXT and DEVELOPER don’t give me a user experience that resembles that of the STABLE version. And honestly, none of the versions compare to the features of Opera 12.16.

    Opera wants to make it seem like there are so many doors to open with the different options using the new platform. But maybe that is just a clever rouse to make everyone think they are actually working hard on something. Sorry, but I have to call it like I see it and that is how it is perceived by alot of former faithful users of your Browser. Instead of spreading yourselves so thin working on all these different versions and offering so much redundancy, maybe it would be more effective to put your heads together to work on one version. Maybe THEN, you could resolve important issues that MATTER. BOOKMARKS!! DOES THIS RING A BELL??? (yes, I am trying to criticize you) Someone needs say it. The OPERA development team has dropped the ball and lost the respect of alot of users

    Opera’s vision might be to develop an incredible and powerful web browser but this vision is still stuck in someone’s head. It has NOT made it to our screens yet. Nobody is interested in using a dysfunctional piece of software. If you cannot implement the most sought after features from version 12.16, you are more or less telling people you do not even care. I guarantee everyone is willing to adapt to change. But Opera did not just change. They made a big mistake by releasing software that does not offer the most crucial features we end users prefer. Essential features that Opera has paid little regard to are rendering it useless. We are talking about a company that designed and supported a full featured web browser for years. They release a new web browser on a new platform and cannot provide a way to import bookmarks after 1 year of development. That’s embarrassing.

    I’ve read alot of conversations in the forums and I notice a few different types of responses. Sometimes a user asks OPERA if they can please include a feature that is critical to them and how they use the Opera browser. I will tell you right now what features should have been on the top of the list.

    1) BOOKMARK MIGRATION Import/Export etc…

    2) NOTES – I may not use them. I may not understand much about the usefulness of NOTES. BUT, hundreds of requests for NOTES have been duly noted, but as far as integrating NOTES in the new platform, I have yet to see a solution

    3)<RIGHT CLICK) and elect "INSERT PERSONAL" brings up a the option to configure input like form data. It is highly effective for someone who has to enter the same exact input on many pages. Anytime I need my phone #, . Need my email address? . Need one of my secondary email addresses? HA, , because you can select any field when setting up this form data, and enter any information in these fields to be able to enter data instantly. No keystrokes. Only the MOUSE. Such a much needed feature.

    PUT THESE 3 FEATURES BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This continuous upgrading on all of your new browser versions is getting tedious and annoying. When I see an upgrade, immediately I am excited. I am expecting that Opera will at least provide the solution for bookmarks but it is never there. In fact, all upgrades to any of the new Opera versions does not reveal any changes that stand out. Most upgrades are not showing any improvements to User Interface. Much sought after features can be implemented if they care enough. Alot of people will stop using Opera if the user does not see some of these features put back

    Everyone should stay with version 12.16. Opera Stable has been a disappointment since the date of it’s inception. You should not release a web browser with key features removed, especially if you do not provide a bookmark utility. The features people ask for could not possibly cause OPERA to run poorly so I do not understand why there seems to be no effort to implement some of the features from Opera 12.16. If you implement a fully functional BOOKMARK Utility and the option for Notes & the Input of Personal Data, I guarantee you will see all the users who left Opera flock to your site to download. You are surely going to see users will broadcast this upgrade throughout the net extending to the ends of the planet.

    If the user interface of a previous version is highly regarded, you should be mindful of this when developing a new version. Too many people wanted Opera to maintain some very important features and Opera basically left them stranded

    To release a version with so many limitations is suspect. Alot of people try new versions but always have to use version 12.16 in order to be thorough with whatever they are doing online.. What kind of nonsense makes Opera want to release a new web browser that has so many limitations? Unreal. A total bust. Not wearing pants when you walk out on stage is pretty much laughable. But not having a bookmark import utility is rather embarrassing too. hehehe

    I could make this complaint longer but I have to stop because I am not sure it is ok to express my opinions like this.

    There are only a few things Opera would need to do to bring a positive mindset back into the fold. Too many people are disgusted with the new Opera. If the majority of people keep depending on version 12.16, it should tell you something. It means they are rejecting what you are offering. I have been forcing myself to continue using NEXT and DEVELOPER and recently I installed STABLE. I am an easy person to please. But I cannot see one good reason to use any of the new OPERA version. They all lack the best features from Opera 12.16 and they also lack some very important features that most people would say are Mandatory. Your efforts are appreciated. But your results are not worthy. Not even close.

    I hope I did not piss anyone off at OPERA> I am a technician that pushed the use of your Browser to so many clients and friends. I have to be responsible for thousands of people using the Opera software. Companies that I serviced and worked for allowed me to configure each system. Some offices had 80-120 systems and I installed Opera on every one of them. For me to present my thoughts about the new browser is not an easy thing because there is alot of disappointment. Since the new versions have frequent upgrades I am always on the lookout for key feature and some of the previous features found on 12.16. How could Opera pay so little attention to a few of the important features many people want? That’s really amazing. So many times NEXT and DEVELOPER are upgraded and yet the upgrade is not ever geared towards giving some of those popular features. A big disappointment with the new Opera. I am very sorry, but this is really how I feel. Many years alot of us are committed to using your software and now it seems you are not as committed to give us the features we find so useful. You know it affects us all. If I am complaining to you, it is likely I have alot of people complaining to me.

    I am sure many others will agree me without reservation. For those who do not share my feelings or for those who just will not speak up and admit it, I urge you to be honest about your opinion regarding the new Opera. It is rather peculiar to go this long and perform so many upgrades and yet there is little to no change that is evident or even relevant for that matter. Are they just trying to get everyone to run 2 or 3 version of the browser simultaneously? Because I often jump back and forth in hopes my experience will be improved whether it be speed or new features. There has to be an angle here. Why are these version so limited? Is this not a waste of time and money for Opera to pay a development team to develop software that has yet to show progress that is worthwhile? Come on. Why would they not provide a bookmark utility to import bookmarks. Old Opera allows for export of Bookmarks in HTML and Chrome can import that so why is it not integrated? Why prevent us from importing our bookmarks for so long when the source code for that is readily available online? I find this very suspect, Anyone able to see that for the past 10 months or so Opera has been dragging this out as if on purpose?

    I urge everyone to develop the mindset that there might be a secret agenda and we are just not aware of it. But I want my Bookmark Utility, My RIGHT CLICK option to input Personal Data or Notes. A few simple things that could not possibly ruin the browser’s functionality but yet no effort

    Well, that’s all. Sorry again for the long excerpt from my mental data base.

    With the utmost Humility,
    With Much Reluctency,
    With Sincere Regret,
    This is my honest opinion today,

    Best Regards

    T-TEK Administrator

    • RaceQuest

      I came here looking for the reason for dumping the wealth of forum reference info. Having remained on 11.x due to wanting the voice feature. I was not aware of the direction taken after 12.x so your comment was most interesting and well said. You mentioned all the key features that I too considered really useful Opera. I found an add-on “Paste email plus” for Firefox that gave me a “Notes” like functionality. Maybe some form of add-on will evolve for Opera.

  • كيمو نور
  • كيمو نور
  • Ebrahim Emroj

    I can’t use on my new opera stable. It show me ssl error. What can i do now?

  • Guest
  • Guest
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