Opera 18, our latest browser for desktop, comes out today!

Opera 18 is out today. When you turn 18 years old in Norway, you are finally allowed to drink beer and wine, but since it’s Tuesday, we’ll wait with the wine until Friday.

More importantly, here are the new features of Opera 18.

Camera and microphone

Support for WebRTC (camera/microphone API). This means that you can use your desktop’s camera and microphone in HTML5 applications and games. Want to try it out now? Go and see how it works!

Move tabs between windows

Now you can drag and drop tabs betweens windows. If you drag a tab out of browser, it will turn into a brand new window.


Customize your browser with themes

Customize your Opera internet browser. Find a theme that suits your personality at addons.opera.com, or make your own. Here, we are using Ship by zahek.


Custom search engines

Simply right click on a search engine and add it to your list of custom search engines. For example, you can add Dictionary.com so you can easily access a dictionary right from your address bar.


If you have any feedback that you want our Desktop Team to read, head over to the comment section in our Desktop Blog. They would love to hear your feedback!

Download Opera 18 for Mac
Download Opera 18 for Windows

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