Millions of Filipinos have lost their homes and family members from Super Typhoon Haiyan. Not the least affected are over 4 million children who need immediate help amid hunger and health risks.

UNICEF has intensified its efforts in helping the Filipino children.
“UNICEF is working around the clock to provide clean water, sanitation and shelter to the 4.6 million children that are affected by this humanitarian disaster. We are also working to give protection to the many children who have been separated from their families or lost their parents during the typhoon. We know from experience that these kids are particularly vulnerable to exploitation and violence,” says Bernt Apeland, Executive Director, UNICEF Norway

We’ve helped out in our own little way through UNICEF.

You can do the same. Join others across the globe in lending a helping hand by donating here. Every donation UNICEF receives can go a long way.
A mother carries her daughter as they walk in Tacloban, LeyteA family affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan
Tacloban City, Philippines. Images from UNICEF/ Jeoffrey Maitem

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