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  • Congratulations 🙂

  • Shutting down My Opera. Switching to WordPress and Disqus. Why am I not surprised? This is just like killing Presto and switching to Blink.

    • I would say this is a far less drastic change than changing the engine. While we had hundreds of millions Presto users, My Opera never really caught on in a big way. It was primarily a place to post news and receive feedback, just like the new blogs (and soon forums) are doing.

      There was also a lot of abuse like spam and similar things, and we’d rather focus on the content rather than having to spend a lot of time fighting spam. I’m guessing Disqus and other tools we’re moving to will allows us to do that.

      • Frenzie

        WordPress is fine, but is there really nothing better than Disqus? 🙁

        • At least it is not Facebook Comments. 🙂

        • Kamran Mackey

          No, there isn’t anything better than Disqus.

          • Frenzie

            With Disqus you can’t properly use a search engine to find comments. Disqus doesn’t work without Javascript, nor does it function without iframes. Disqus results in a cluttered comments display, which requires constantly pressing “read more” to read anything.

            Would you like to try again?

        • Stephen Sevenyoln

          Disqus is really good actually.

          • Frenzie

            If waiting many seconds, unusable on mobile, and clicking “read” more constantly is really good, then sure, it’s fantastic. I fleshed out
            some things I dislike about Disqus a bit better more on another post.

          • Manius

            Meh. When it works.

      • From what I see, you have totally gotten rid of the community features on Opera.com. The one thing that truly differentiated Opera from other browsers. Tamil seems to have not posted on his blog since 2008! I wonder what happened to him. I wonder if he would migrate his blog to WordPress. I wonder how much incredible content hosted on Opera Blogs would disappear from the web because people are no longer active on My Opera. And of course the link rot (broken links) all around.

        Message I got? Since others are able to do things better than us, you should use them. I guess I really should start looking for an alternative to Opera 12 now.

        • Tamil keeps his silence 🙂

          • Tamil’s blog has massive amount of useful data for Opera Presto edition users. Would be a shame if it disappears next year.

          • FataL

            MyOpera Forums contain even more useful info that just hard to find. I’m downloading whole Tamil’s blog locally and will decide what to do with forums.

          • I thought they were retaining Opera Forum? At least the ‘most important threads’? God knows what that means.

          • Michael A. Puls II

            > most important threads

            Yeh, I’m wondering what that means too.

          • It won’t disappear, he only needs to export it to another platform.

          • That is assuming he is still online and would do the migration manually? Blog has not been updated in 5 years. Plus all the existing links would die. Tamil was easy to discover here because of the community. A new blog on WordPress.com would not become disoverable just as easily.

          • His last post wasn’t 5 years ago and he is appearing as online in My Opera right now…

            The point of a blog with Opera 12 tutorials decreases each day though…

            I think a WordPress blog will be just as discoverable in the new forums that will come to opera.com as anybody can share a link easily.

        • Having our own blogging service didn’t really do much to set us apart, as there are several different blogging services out there.

          • And there are several different browsers out there. You killed what was different about Opera and now you are killing the community. What sets apart Opera from Chrome? You are just replicating features they have already connected to Google services… Duplicating APIs, Duplicating Chrome Sync. Trying to offer similar services in your own different way. I am out. No point arguing.

  • Chas4

    This will feel weird to not be posting from a MyOpera account to comment

    Not sure why it took Disqus (near an hour to fully activate the Disqus account, I started it here, and it refused to allow me to log in, this page gave me false login in success pages (showed for 1 second in popup window))

  • FataL

    Another sad news… but logical from new management point of view.

    • Actually, even the My Opera team is happy that we’re taking the service down. Maintenance is a hassle. Abuse, spam, etc. It’s a good thing we can focus more on the content and less on maintaining a complex and vulnerable system.

  • FataL

    BTW, with Disqus you now will have hard time googling for someones comment.

  • BS-Harou

    It’s not possible to login to disqus comments when third-party cookies are disabled :/ Which basically means you won’t see me here very often, if at all. Sorry

  • Nayan Ahmed

    Opera’s Julequiz – December 15

  • If waiting many seconds, unusable on mobile, and clicking “read more” constantly is really good, then sure, it’s fantastic…