Extend your browsing with Opera add-ons

Extensions, small programs that you can add into your browser, optimize your time online. They let you personalize Opera just the way you want it.

Our Add-ons Catalog for Opera is growing fast. There are over 250 extensions to choose from, with new ones being added everyday.

“You’ll find extensions by Pocket, Evernote, Pinterest, Feedly, Disconnect, WOT, and many more already in the catalog, in addition to a number of our own extensions,” says Andreas Bovens, our Extensions Product Manager.

He also notes that external developers are busy porting their Opera 12 extensions to work in Opera 15, and they’re submitting a lot of new Opera add-pns as well.

Check out what we have in our Add-ons Catalog. There’s something for almost everyone.

If you’re addicted to Twitter, you’ll love the TweetRight extension. It allows you to highlight a line you want to share, right click, and post directly to Twitter.
Want to save the photos you find online? Do it faster with Photo Tagger . It saves all your favorite finds in one Speed Dial folder. All you need to do is click on the star on the left corner of the photo.

Leverage Opera add-ons to enhance your browser to fit your needs, and dip your toe into something new too.

And if you’re a developer with a cool idea for functions and features to add to the browser, why not get started on building your own extensions?

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