Opera 15 has been built from the ground up. It's a completely new browser! A lot of you had questions and comments about this version. Let's go through the top five questions we have received about Opera 15.

Bookmarks to Speed Dial

The Speed Dial feature is where your bookmarks belong in Opera 15. When you save your preferred pages in Speed Dial, you have a visual bookmarking system.

You can group your Speed Dials using folders. Simply drag and drop one Speed Dial button on top of another, and it will create a folder. You can also quickly filter items on your Speed Dial by clicking the search icon in the upper-right corner.

Migrating old bookmarks is easy. You can opt to use the bookmark importer when installing Opera 15 so your bookmarks will appear in your Speed Dial. You will then be redirected to your list where you can convert every bookmark into a Speed Dial entry.

But if you liked the way bookmark extensions worked in the old version of Opera, you can install one of our extensions


Tabbed browsing is distinctly Opera and as many of our users love this, we want to enrich it with new and better options. While we continue developing the next generation of Opera, you can use a tab extension in the meantime.

Opera Link

We plan to bring the Opera Link synchronization functionality in a future version. For now, you can access your Opera Link data by going to through our web interface.

Mail and RSS

We want to give our users more power when managing their mail. Opera Mail has therefore been released as a separate product to give you an easier, faster and better mail experience. Try out the new client at https://www.opera.com/computer/mail and tell us what you think!
And the RSS feed are now available through extensions like Feedly. Go to addons.opera.com for even more choices – new ones are being added all the time.


The Linux version of Opera 15 isn't quite ready yet, but we will let you know as soon as it is.

If you haven't tried Opera 15 yet, you can download it free from opera.com. (And Opera 12 is still available there too, from the Computers section of our website.)

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  • Andrew

    Hi, I’m a linux user. Have you forgotten us?

    To quote: “The Linux version of Opera 15 isn’t quite ready yet,” er… quite ready? And how long ago was that said? Oh yes way back in July.

    With no news forthcoming and no updates on your progress, I really do feel you have turned your back on us linux users.

  • Jeroen

    Hi, I’m also a linux user and still waiting 🙁

    For windows and iOS there is already a version 18. What’s going on?
    Will there be a new version for linux or not?

  • gacek

    Six months passed and still no sign of linux version? I’m proud and loyal opera user since almost 10 years, but lately you are challenging my faith in you.

  • Martin Gutsch

    Please – would you Opera guys just say “No, we’re not going to release Opera for Linux”, I am disaapointed. Installing Opera (even on some Solaris machines) was always a way to feel at home.

  • badattitude

    Where is the ‘reload every’ function?

  • Anton Khabarov

    I am the user of linux. More than 10 years opera on all the devices (desktop, laptop, mobile phone, smartphone) used. At all this, opera in different operating systems used. Now I see that linux support any more won’t be. And after this news: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7129955 and even less so. It is a pity. I leave on Firefox (and I will transfer all my devices to firefox, including Win and Mac because it is convenient to me to use one browser everywhere. )

  • Hey, Opera, why did the Linux version stop at 12.16?

    Did you gave up of Linus users?

  • Александр Рыжков

    10 months passed and still no sing of linux version…. wtf opera

  • Mohsin Zaidi

    Hi, i would like to make a small suggestion, that it would be better if opera prompts user to confirm exit if there is a download in progress and also displays a small popup message when a download is completed. because that small dot is not that much noticable. i’m a windows 8.1 user.

  • Joseph

    i gave up, i’ve been waiting for opera-webkit but now just gave up! after so many years used in windows but linux user disappointed! least communicate with the community, say something!