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Among the many new features that Opera 15 has to offer, Stash allows you to take a screenshot of the page you are visiting. Having loads of tabs open makes it difficult to keep track of what's where. Stash however allows you to efficiently manage multiple tabs. Simply hit the heart icon to save the page in to the Stash area.

Take online shopping for example. It is not unusual to end up having tons of tabs open whenever you are making an online purchase.

By saving the products you are evaluating onto your Stash, you can easily compare price and other information about the products without any hassle. This can be a neat tool with the summer sales that are just around the corner.

Haven't booked a summer vacation yet? Stash makes it a breeze to compare airline ticket prices. There are also other ways Stash can help plan your next trip. Have you found a cool Italian restaurant located right next to your hotel? Stash it!

Try it out the next time you need to do some online shopping. It might end up saving you some money

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