Better browsing on your computer with Opera 15

Today we released the latest and greatest version of our desktop browser for Windows and Mac. Opera 15 marks the next stage in our evolution towards a consistently better browsing experience on your computer. (Note: it's not an auto-update, so you will have to make sure to download the new version yourself.)

Those of you who tested out the preview version of this release in our Next channel may already know a bit about some of the new features. But let's take a look at the benefits in detail.

Speed Dial

Add as many sites to Speed Dial as you like. Leave them all at the same level, or group them into folders. Forgot what you put where? The magnifying glass icon provides a find in page function, so you can search among your own Speed Dials. The combined search and address bar does the same thing, but also searches in your history. And if you migrated custom search engines from Opera 12, you'll find them there too.


Discover lets you browse new and exciting content at a glance. The latest stories from around the world get delivered from thousands of sites in a wide array of languages. Discover is also a great way to source inspiration. Choose a different country or language than your own, and then browse through the food or lifestyle categories for new ideas for everything from tonight's dinner to your next vacation destination.


What's the difference between Stash and bookmarks? Stash saves a screenshot of the page you're visiting. That's especially useful for things like videos. Traditional bookmarks save only the URL, so you have to click on it again to see which video it is. With Stash, you have both an image of the video as well as any text that was displayed at the moment you clicked the Stash heart. So you can use the magnifying glass icon here too to search pages you've stashed by keyword.


All the best add-on functions and services you might want are here, from a manager for bookmarks and AdBlock to Feedly for RSS, Gismeteo to Facebook and translation utilities. Customize your browsing in just a couple of quick clicks.


Did we mention you can make this version of Opera even more eye-catching with several custom themes? The really cool thing is that the image isn't just a single background picture; it changes according to menu commands and the page you're on too. In the future we'll provide even more awesome ways to update Themes.

Download manager

You'll automatically see a short list of your latest downloads under the down-arrow icon on the browser's home page. But you can also expand this to get a full list.

The best feature of all in the new Opera may be something you won't even notice: improved site compatibility. From filling in forms to printing, looking at maps or online shopping, you can do just about anything on the web faster and easier with Opera. And this is just the beginning. From now on we'll have new features and new versions on a regular basis. There's lots of cool stuff in the pipeline!

Download Opera today.

As always, Opera is free and available from www.opera.com.

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