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Since we launched the new Opera browser for Android on May 21, a lot of you have sent us your feedback, which we are extremely thankful for. We're now in the process of improving the new product, and making a better browser based on what you have told us so far.

Some of you have had a bumpy ride with the new product, and we are sorry to hear that. If you are experiencing difficulties with the latest upgrade, we recommend that you give the old version of Opera Mobile a try while we iron things out with the new version. You can download that here: http://opera.com/o/omc

Meanwhile, our latest version of Opera for Android has been updated as of May 29 to address a number of known issues.

We would like to use this opportunity to address some things that are to come, and a few useful tips and tricks:

Opera Link

Opera Link is available in a web version for the Opera for Android browser. The web version is accessible through the Settings page under the Opera logo in the browser. We plan on expanding the Opera Link feature in the future.

Exit button

To exit Opera, simply long-press the back button to access the quick history navigation menu. Along with a list of previously visited pages, you will find an exit option.

Fit to screen

This feature is now disabled by default, but you can easily re-enable this in Settings.

Full screen mode

In portrait mode, the address bar will hide automatically when the page is scrolled; in landscape mode, it is accessible by clicking the full-screen button.

Address and navigation bar on top

We have moved the navigation bar to the top of the screen. If you would rather have the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, this can be changed in Settings.

Please continue to send us your feedback on the new product so we can improve and build an even greater browser for you.

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