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Ram Yadav winner

We invited all cyclist participants to capture their discoveries from the #DiscoverWithOpera cyclothon. Here are the winning submissions from the contest. Congratulations Ram Yadav The picture above is a brilliant representation of the entire #DiscoverWithOpera cyclothon organized late last month. The picture captures a cycle, with the cycle owner (Akash from Cyclesutra), sitting at Rajon...

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Cyclothon group picture

36 cyclists, 5 bloggers, 4 Opera India employees and 1 #DiscoverWithOpera cyclothon. Experience the cyclothon in action through this video and photographs. The Opera India team shares their experience: Sunil Kamath, Vice President for South Asia: “I thoroughly enjoyed cycling on Delhi roads, which I have never done before. Instead, I’ve always zipped across the...

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Cyclothon collage

You may have been living in a city for ages, but how much of it do you really know? There are places we pass by everyday but we never get the time to visit what’s inside. Opera hosted a #DiscoverWithOpera cyclothon in New Delhi last Sunday to explore places and monuments nestled at the Mehrauli...

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