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Food bloggers say cheers to Opera Max at #OperaFoodWalk

opera-food-walk-collageIt is said that a delicious dish has not been eaten if the pictures of it haven’t been uploaded on Instagram. We love taking pictures and sharing them online, but it always ends up eating most of our internet data. This was the core mantra behind our first ever Opera Food Walk in Delhi. We took a group of Instagrammers with us for a food walk to experience Opera Max in the best possible way. Come, take a virtual tour of Chandni Chowk with us!

Purani Dilli <3

Chandni Chowk! The name is enough to take you to teensy alleys, chaotic traffic and, of course, bring you the savory smell of chole bhature, jalebis, and more. It began with our fellow Instagrammers using the Opera Max app for the first time, covering five famous eateries of old Delhi along the way.  

Our first stopover was the famous Chaina Ram. While relishing the mouth-watering halwa and aloo-puri, we spoke to the bloggers about Opera Max and how a simple tap can help their data plans last much longer – saving up to 50% of their internet data!

Talking about Opera Max at Opera Food Walk

Food photographers doing what they do best: taking pictures

Opera Food Walk FB Live

After many Snapchat/Instagram stories, Facebook Live sessions and Periscope Telecasts, we reached our final destination – the Al Jawahar restaurant near the iconic Jama Masjid – to make way for yummylicious biryani, nihari, and paya. The food bloggers kept an eye on their data savings as they posted pictures on the internet.

Data savings at Opera Food Walk

Sometimes, all you need to lead a blissful life is good food and fast Internet – uncompromising issues, both. Throughout the Opera Food Walk, we met a lot of people – food makers and eaters who see mobile internet as a way of life. A need more than a want. One such example was Mister Tikku. An out-and-out foodie, Tikku Ji has a gazillion apps installed on his phone. He says he has lost count of the number of hours he spends on the internet on a single day. “Food is the best religion; we all belong to it.” Yep, Mister Tikku, we couldn’t agree more.

Mister Tikku at Opera Food Walk

And it’s a wrap!

Foodies at Opera Food Walk

So, here’s to more such convergence of food and technology. Do post your favourite food picture in the comment section below.

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