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6 signs you are addicted to social media

Addicted to social media

Want to know whether you’re addicted to social media or not? If these 6 sure-fire signs sound like you, you’ll have your answer. Here we go!

1) You check your Facebook notifications before brushing your teeth

If the first thing you do in your half-awake-half-asleep state is check how many likes last night’s FB status got, then we’re sorry to break it to you, you’re addicted to social media. It hasn’t reached a dangerous level yet, but it’s a start. Try the night mode option in Opera Mini to avoid hurting your eyes while surfing late at night.
Also, wait until you’re at the breakfast table before you start scrolling through your timeline, we say.

addicted to social media

2) You love weddings only because they make a great story to Snapchat

Verdict: you’re addicted to social media! While it’s awesome to share your favourite moments with your virtual friends (trust us, as an Internet company, we couldn’t be happier), don’t let this become the only reason you socialize with friends and family. Make amazing stories, click great pictures, just don’t forget to feel the moment so you have no regrets later.

3) When people start worrying for you because you haven’t posted for one whole hour

Does your best friend call to check on you because it’s been a couple of hours since you posted on any of your social accounts? If the answer is yes, you need an intervention.

Addicted to social media

4) Your best friends refer to you by your Twitter handle

If your friend meets you at a party and calls you @hungerysoul880 instead of your real name, then you are hopelessly addicted to social media. Although this is a good sign of your virtual popularity, you might want to meet them offline a little more often.

addicted to social media

5) You literally beg people to like your profile picture

If the low number of RTs and likes on your posts make you so anxious that you start making frantic calls to your friends (and friends of friends), then hey, slow down a bit. Appreciate the genuine love you are getting from your online friends rather than looking for validation. And, you look great in that DP, take it from us!

addicted to social media

6) This means death!

The sight of ‘battery low’ on your phone gives you a minor heart attack. Because what if something epic happens while your phone is out of commission? And if it’s not on Instagram, did it even happen?

addicted to social media

Any of the above sound familiar? Congratulations! You’re a happy-snappy, status sharing, social media addict, like us!

Don’t forget, apps like Opera Max save you tons of data while using your favourite social media apps.

Now, prove your addiction by sharing this article and commenting below. Join us on Facebook and Twitter because, we know, you love social media. 😛

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