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Netflix junkie? Get more with Opera Max

Watch more Netflix with Opera Max

Netflix is finally available in India, and every TV Series and movie buff out there is more than excited about the fact that they can now watch their favorite shows/movies, anytime and anywhere. And, when we say anywhere, we mean it because Netflix is available for computers, laptops, Smart TVs and even mobile phones.

As the busy and on-the-go generation that we are, most of us will tune in to Netflix from our phones. But, watching a show on Netflix on a phone will use a lot of mobile data, which can prove expensive. This is where Opera Max comes to the rescue. Its built-in features and amazing data-saving servers help you save up to 50% of your mobile data. That means you can have twice as much fun on Netflix with the same data plan.

Android Authority put the Opera Max app to the test with the Netflix mobile phone app, and, true to its word, Opera Max performed like a champ. The app helped them save more than 50% of their mobile data while watching videos through Netflix.

To sum it up: Netflix is here, Opera Max is free to download, and it will save you up to 50% of your mobile data. Check out the video above and download Opera Max to watch twice as many videos on Netflix without having to stress about your bill.

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