Cheers, everyone! Facebook is back in Bangladesh after being banned for over 22 days. We thoroughly missed interacting with each one of you on our Bangladesh Facebook page. I’m sure you too must have been waiting to catch up with your friends online. If you want to jump back into the conversation faster, check out Opera Mini.Facebook with Opera Mini

Faster access to photos and status updates

Opera Mini is popular for being a fast web browser. It shrinks web pages, including text and images, to as small as 10% of their original size. Using less mobile data means faster-loading pages.

With all this renewed traffic to Facebook, you may want some help speeding up your connection. Grab Opera Mini and you can access content from your favorite sites (including Facebook) much faster than any other browser. You can bookmark Facebook on your Speed Dial for one-tap access and even activate Facebook notifications.

After this three-week gap, we all are eager to share our latest photos and updates with friends on Facebook. Download Opera Mini and get started.

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