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Save data in Gaana, Saavn and other music apps with Opera Max

Save data in Gaana and Saavn with Opera Max

It’s time to get more music on the go in India. Our free Android app, Opera Max, now compresses data from music apps like Gaana and Saavn. It’s the first app in the world that can optimize your streaming videos and music.Save data in Gaana and Saavn with Opera Max

Up to 50% data savings in music apps

Opera Max already shrinks data up to 50% across most apps on Android – from text to images to videos to audio. Now, you can save while streaming, too.

Reduced data usage can help save money on your phone bills. If you don’t have it yet, you can download Opera Max for free from Google Play.

Opera Max also saves your data on music apps like Pandora, Slacker Radio and YouTube Music, to name a few. But, this is just the start as we will be bringing even more data savings to more apps over the next few months.

Just getting started with Opera Max and Gaana or Saavn?

My cousin has always been my one-stop shop for party music. I would skip the trouble of searching for songs and downloading them by raiding his phone and transferring. Thanks to apps like Saavn and Gaana I get ready-made playlists for every mood that can be streamed any time I want 🙂

Here’s some of my favorites to get you started:

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