It doesn’t matter whether your phone is low-end or high-end – Opera Mini has your back. We promise to give you the fastest browsing experience on all kinds of mobile devices without using much memory and on all kind of network conditions.

With the latest update Opera Mini offers the High and Extreme modes for data savings. Check out this video below to see the modes in action:

The Extreme-compression mode compresses web-pages upto 90% and gives a very high-speed internet experience while using very little mobile data. The Extreme-compression mode can affect the layout of the web-pages and was previously the only compression mode available in Opera Mini.

The new High-compression mode compresses web-pages without affecting the page display, making it the perfect mode for surfing the web on 3G or Wi-Fi networks.

More than half of Opera Mini’s 55 million users in India use smartphones and this new update will definitely be of interest to them. I highly recommend that you download it from the Google Play Store today. Also do share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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