Father’s Day always makes me nostalgic about my dad, who is my hero forever and always! I always count on him for his wisdom, support and love, no matter what. But, there’s one exception — technology. (Awww!) This is where the tables turn and when I come to his rescue.

The era of #Internetdad

I still remember how hard it was at first to get my dad hooked onto a computer. Each semester break from college, I gave him lessons, only to return the next time and find that he had forgotten everything. (cute puppy face ;))

The next step was teaching him to surf the INTERNET! My dad’s relentless questions and curiosity about browsing and Facebook definitely gave me goosebumps and that’s when I knew it was just the beginning of something both adorable and hilarious – the era of #Internetdad. Because when it comes to the internet, dads can’t help being a bit confused and clueless.

fathers day fun with Opera

Here are some super cute #InternetDad behaviors:

1) Rocking it old-school: The world has moved on to smarter, faster browsers but dads won’t upgrade or switch from ancient browsers like Internet Explorer or whatever is preinstalled on their mobiles phones!

2) Trying to zoom in on Instagram pictures: Either they need a new pair of glasses, or they’re just being stubborn, but it is a treat to see your father ferociously tap at the screen in vain hopes of zooming in on the Instagram pictures – and unknowingly ending up liking them! For them, the internet certainly works in mysterious ways.

3) Not knowing how to log back into websites: We don’t know what’s so challenging about this, but it seems to be one of the most difficult feats for men normally able to make major decisions in the household.

4) Uploading pictures: Fathers love to embarrass their children by constantly posting their pictures, announcing to the world what their kids have been to up to. But, somehow, they always need your help to get through all the necessary steps. #MissionImpossible

5) Being internet cool: When it comes to popular abbreviations, dads don’t pay much heed. Instead, they prefer to make up their own abbreviations. For the last time, “LOL” does not mean “lots of love”!

These are just some of the many funny stories that come to mind when I think of my dad and the internet. Which one of your dad’s amateur antics on the internet makes you laugh? Head over to our Facebook page and post your entry with #InternetDad. The user with the most amusing entry will be rewarded with something your father would appreciate a great deal! Go on – play to win for your dad! 🙂



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