We live in an era where everything is complex, from relationships to quantum physics. Even the instructions on your phone manual! (For the technically impaired, at least) In such harsh times, taking the route to simplicity is perhaps a smart move. That’s where we, humble folks, makers of Opera 29, come into the picture. We try to make things as simple and hassle free as possible.

Opera 29

The newest version of Opera for Computers is out – Opera 29! (This is where you breathe a sigh of relief!) We sent our sources globetrotting, and they came back with some insights:

This is true of citizens all across the globe, while browsing on computers; people tend to browse serious, work related material. This is by no means indicating games and other fun stuff is not a serious affair! We understand how priorities differ from person to person. Ipso facto, we’ve created a browser that lets you slip into the serious mode and work productively. With the improved version, you can now customize your keyboard shortcuts by simply setting any keyboard combination in the settings page. Easy peasy, right 😉

Also don’t you hate it when you open a tab and the music blasts at full volume? The new audio indicator in Opera 29 will make it easier for you to spot the tab that’s blasting sound.

A fast and secure browser, Opera 29 comes with a data saving Turbo mode that compresses your data, so you can now do more, at a lightning speed nonetheless!

The specialty of the browser is its bookmark and tab synchronization feature that allows you to sync your favourite websites across different devices. (Killing many birds with one stone)

Words won’t cut out the many amazing features of the enhanced version of Opera for Computers, so we advise you to download it immediately, and tell us how you like it. It might hurt our feelings a little, but free feel to drop any unpleasant feedback too! Since we constantly thrive to bring you the best. Speaking of mean feedback, you might want to take a look at this super cute video! This just goes on to show we love a good laugh…even if it is at our expense 😛


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