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Do more with the new Opera Mini for Android

Opera Mini for Android

We have good news for Android phone users. The new version of Opera Mini we launched yesterday gives you the power to have even more fun on the internet, than ever.

Not only can you surf faster with this über cool web browser, but also Opera Mini now sports a modern design with a native look and feel tailor-made for Android devices.

Get your hands on this new version and brace yourselves for…

More speed – Opera Mini is famous for getting its users to their favorite web content in the fastest manner possible. Opera Mini compresses webpages to as little as 10% of their original size. This decreased data traffic gives you better page-loading times,  even when on a sluggish network connection.

More style – The Speed Dial start screen of website shortcuts has been overhauled to offer the option to group Speed Dial entries into folders. You can easily add, edit or remove website shortcuts and access saved webpages. The app layout can also be switched to suit your browsing style better.

More savings – Opera Mini helps to make the most of your data plan by letting you browse more webpages without exceeding your limits. Keep tabs on the mobile data that you have used and saved via the revamped data-savings counter.

More discovery – A Discover feature has been added to give you top stories from a variety of categories and sources from across the web. Just choose the country and select the categories that interest you and get set to discover the freshest ideas and stories from around the world.

More privacy – The new Opera Mini features a private mode, which lets you browse without leaving any trace of the websites you visit on your device.

More downloads – The download manager has been updated to give you more control. You can save data in the folder of your choice, download multiple files in the background or pause and resume when required.

Download Opera Mini from Google Play today.

Do share your feedback about the new version in the comments section below or on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Thanks!

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