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Free internet for Robi Bangladesh users with Opera Mini

Free internet for Robi users with Opera Mini

In yet another effort to connect the unconnected, Opera has teamed up with Robi, Bangladesh’s second-largest telecom player, to offer free mobile data through the Opera Web Pass solution. Over the next two weeks, over 300,000 Bangladeshis will be able to take advantage of this free internet access.

Free internet for Robi users with Opera Mini

Even though Bangladesh is one of the fastest-growing internet markets in the world,  70% of its population is yet to come online. We hope that, through this partnership, we can help the next wave of Bangladeshis to get online and experience the power of internet, without any inhibitions due to cost.

How to access the free internet option

To take advantage of this free internet offer, Robi users just need to open the Opera Mini browser on their phones and click the Free Internet Coupon icon. This will open the activation page from where users can activate the 5MB Free Internet Coupon, sponsored by, the largest marketplace in Bangladesh. Robi users who do not already have the Opera Mini browser installed on their phones can visit to download this free app.

Free internet for Robi users with Opera Mini

Opera Mini: Lowering barriers for internet adoption

Opera has always been a world leader in making products that help lower the barriers for internet access. Opera Mini, our flagship browser, works on virtually every kind of mobile phone – from basic phones to the very latest smartphones. It also compresses up to 90% of mobile data for users, resulting in much more affordable internet access. Opera Mini was the first browser to compress images and text, and, recently, it became the first browser to compress video, as well.

Opera Web Pass : Mobile internet made easy

Leveraging Opera Mini’s unique capabilities such as data compression and zero rating of mobile traffic, Opera Web Pass helps operators package mobile internet in simple and flexible time- or content-based packages that are extremely affordable.

This is an extremely special product for us, and we are glad that, through it, we have enabled millions of previously non-data users to have their very first online experiences. We truly believe that the internet can open up new doors for people, and we are glad to be there to show them the way. 🙂

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