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How to get free internet with Opera Mini

Freecharge sponsored free internet on Opera Mini

Opera is all about love for the internet . And, we know you love it, too, but are sometimes afraid to try accessing it on your mobile phones. So, we got together with our cellular operator friends Vodafone and Idea, to give you some free mobile data, sponsored by the good folks at FreeCharge.Freecharge sponsored free internet on Opera Mini

Here’s how you can get your free internet access through the FreeCharge Sponsored Web Pass:

  •    Simply open the Opera Mini browser.
  •    Go to the Speed Dial start screen.
  •    Click Vodafone Internet Pass / Idea Web Pass.
  •    Select Get Free Browsing by FreeCharge.

And, that’s it – you can enjoy free internet browsing for an entire day!

“What’s Opera Web Pass?”

This is Opera’s way of making mobile internet easy for youWe understand that many find complex KB/MB-based data plans a bit confusing, so we tied up with operators like Vodafone and Idea to come up with affordable and easy to understand data packages, like Facebook for a day at Re 1 or Facebook for a week at Rs 30. Both Opera Web Pass and Opera Mini, with its data compression of up to 90%, make it easier for you to enjoy affordable internet access.

So, with Opera Web Pass, you can jump in and experience the power of internet, without any worries.

Happy surfing! 🙂

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