Celebrating #Opera50m users with #Share2Celebrate contest

Celebrating #Opera50m with #share2celebrate contest

Happiness is meant to be shared. So, we’d like to kick off this year by doing just that, with all of you, with our #Share2Celebrate contest. 🙂

What are we celebrating? #Opera50m, of course!

For those of you unfamiliar with that hashtag reference, here’s what the fuss is all about:

We recently crossed 50 million users in India to become the country’s third-largest app. To mark this awesome milestone, we managed to convince our CEO to come down and celebrate Indian style – with a super fun Bollywood flashmob. Trust me, it has to be just about the most fun I have ever had. The precise steps didn’t matter; we simply danced our hearts out and rejoiced in the moment! It was all about celebrating and having an amazing time.

Celebrating #Opera50m with #share2celebrate contestAnd, now, we want you all to join in and be a part of our 50-million celebration with this super fun contest!

Here is what you need to do:

(1) Take a selfie with anything that resembles Opera’s “O” logo and post it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


Film a video of yourself dancing to “Rang De Basanti” and post it on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Vine.

(2) Be sure to include #opera50m and #share2celebrate in your post.

(3) Submit the links to your selfie/ video on

Here’s what’s up for grabs:

Iphone 6 (Qty.: l)

HP Slate Voice Tab (Qty.: 2)

Micromax Canvas 2.2 (Qty.: 3)

And, loads of Opera goodies! (Qty.: l00)

So, just get those cameras out, get out there, and have some fun! Remember, the crazier your entries are, the higher will be your chances to win!!

All the best!  May the best man/ woman/ child win 😉

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