We’ve always been told that Opera users are different, that you’re a bit edgier, more technologically aware and appreciate that extra thought we put in our products.

If you’re the sort to share your technological edge with your friends, they likely keep coming back to you for tech advice. And, you patiently help them with their tech woes every time, no matter how big or small. After all, what friends are for, right?

Share Opera Mini with friends

A common thing they may ask you for help with is internet-related problems. While some issues are easy for you to address by tweaking settings, etc., others –  like slow internet speeds or a low data-plan balance – can only be helped by them using a better browser. Why don’t you steer them in the right direction?

Here are the top reasons to suggest that your friends use the Opera Mini browser:

1. They can browse faster:  Help your friends to defeat slow network speeds with Opera Mini’s proven compression technology, which shrinks images and text from webpages.  Give your friends the thrill of a super-fast browsing experience. Recently, we also introduced video compression in Opera Mini for iOS, the very first browser to offer it. So, now, your friends can also say goodbye to buffering.

2. They can save money:  Do your friends often gripe about being broke? Point out they can save some extra bucks on mobile data by switching to Opera Mini whenever browsing the web from their mobile phones. Opera Mini uses up to 90% less data, which means your friends can now browse a lot more webpages within the same, limited data plan. And, with the new Opera Mini for Android beta, they can even track their data savings every day.

3. It’s easy to use: Help your friends experience a browser that is designed to reduce effort and fetch content as fast as possible. With Opera Mini, your friends don’t have to type URLs over and over. Instead, they can just add an entry on Speed Dial and access pages with a single tap. For your friends who love organizing stuff, they can even group these Speed Dial entries into folders. Neat, right? And, with Opera Mini, your friends can even save pages they like and view them offline later.

4. They can find something new: For those of your friends who always want to be in the know, they can forget having to scan multiple websites to feed their habit. The Discover feature in Opera Mini does the work of collecting and curating fresh, new content for them. They just need to select their country and categories of interest, and voilà, their browser becomes their new one-stop shop for the best news and articles from top sources around the world.

5. They care about security: Not everyone understands how important data privacy is. For most people, it’s just too technical. This is where they really need a well-informed friend like you. Help your friends protect themselves by using Opera Mini, which doesn’t store or cache your private info. Now, your friends can also feel safer while surfing.

Don’t just keep this super browsing experience to yourself. Tell your friends to try out this fast, secure and light browser. They can download Opera Mini from here:

Opera Mini for Android beta

Opera Mini for iOS

Opera Mini for Windows Phone

Opera Mini for basic phones

So, which feature Opera Mini feature will you recommend to your friends?

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